May 23rd Sat. Night

World Premier 


You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best - The Hottest Band in Los Angeles



† Souls of We † 


Performing the entire "Let the Truth be known" Album


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The Band:

Legendary Guitarist George Lynch - Guitars

London LeGrand - Vocals

Jonny Chow - Bass

Jordan Mancino - Drums

The collective foursome known as Souls Of We marks a new beginning for legendary guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) and Charismatic frontman London Legrand (Brides Of Destruction).



With all of the elements of danger, lust, life, rebellion and love, Souls Of We have crafted one of the most honest and brilliant albums of the decade. Their explosive debut effort, "Let the Truth be Known" is a modern rock album that can't be pigeonholed to any time or genre. From sex fueled rockers ("Push It", "Come and Go") to songs about inner demons and personal struggles ("January"), this band of Rock 'N' Roll saviors is making music that's both honest and innovative.



Rounding out the line-up is powerhouse drummer Jordan Mancino (As I lay Dying) and bassist Johny Chow (Systematic, Fireball Ministry).

Souls Of We - Everything I Want

As an Extra Bonus

You will be a part of the Video Shoot for the Souls of We’s  1st video...


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