Souls of We featuring George Lynch

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Let the Truth be Known Souls of We featuring George Lynch.

I was lucky enough to be able to snap one of the pre-Shrapnel releases of this CD up from the Mob Shop before they were all gone. Mine features artwork of Robert Jonson with wings on the cover.

Souls of We is really a departure from the standard Lynch guitar virtuoso thing we are used to hearing. Here we find Lynch in more of a band setting with the songs themselves taking the spotlight, more on this later. Let the Truth be Know is not any of the “Lynch’s” we have heard from the past, rather it is yet another turn of the page in what this artist has to offer. I think his collaboration with London LeGrand and the other artist may have had a lot to do with how this CD sounds.

After hearing that London LeGrand was in the mix I wondered how this was going to fit with Lynch? I had heard of London from Niki Sixx’s Brides of Destruction but never really followed them or really heard the music. So I YouTube’d them. I was a bit taken back at first. This was no Oni or Don, how is this guy going to mesh with Lynch! After hearing the CD I realized that the London I had heard in Brides was really only one aspect of what this talented singer and songwriter had to offer. Ok onto the CD.

Anyone who has been following Lynch’s playing over the years is well aware of the changes going on in his playing. Just when you think he has reached the perfect technique, tone, or style, he will tear it all down and rebuild it again. While he cold have stagnated and continued to recall the same old same old out his bag of tricks that brought him to the spotlight, he chooses to continue to grow and push the limits of his playing. In the face of popularity, he strives to stay true to himself as an artist first.

This CD sounds current and relevant. Do not expect to the stereotypical Lynch here, this is a CD about the music and about the songs, not a self serving guitar CD ( not that there is anything wrong with that LOL!). While there are certain aspects that define Lynch due to that fact that his own unique playing style is such that he could never fully turn his back on himself, this CD shows where he has paid more homage to his roots this time. The flashy gunslinger from the 80’s has been replaced with an artist recalling what drew him to guitar to start with. Maybe that is why Robert Johnson was on the original cover? Jimi also comes to mind here too. Even as flashy as Jimi was with the guitar the songs were really where his heart was.

As a listener I sense in the solos that Lynch is trying to “connect to the other side”. Other guitarist will know what I am talking about here; we have all been there at some time or another. “The Zone” as it is often referred. That place that you can just play no matter what you want, you feel like you connected and even the wrong notes somehow sound right. I think it would be safe to say that that is what this CD is all about. George, London and company have created some songs that are funky, groovey, current, and vehicle for George to explore the more primal aspect of his playing with a band vs. a launch pad of technically precise thought out solos riffs.

I do know this. Most CDs I hear that I fall in love with at fist listen I soon become bored with, they are one-time listeners and end up in the archives within a week. I get something new out of this disk with each listen.

In my opinion a CD is like a new pair of jeans. You have to brake them in, they grow on you, and you would not want to be stranded without them. In so as much the Souls of We Let the Truth be Know is a listening experience. As a Lynch fan and former student, it was a treat to hear where this dude has gone next in his musical travels. Rather than describe the CD song for song solo for solo I suggest you go check it out and experience it for yourself. Don’t come looking for, or expecting a guitar hero, but rather come looking for good music to enjoy and experience and you won’t be disappointed.

Peace, Cos

“Cos” aka Cosman is a former Lynch dojo student. You can check out Cos’s own musical travels here:

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