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Songwriting and Touring

Songwriting and Touring By Marco Wriedt

Hey guys!! I was asked by Scott about doing this article here about songwriting & Touring…..Of course I agreed….because this is a great website about guitars and stuff…I think esp. for beginners..this site can be very helpful…I appreciate Scott´s work…keep it up man…

Let me first introduce myself a bit…. My name is Marco Wriedt… and I´m a guitar player in different music projects and most recently I joined L.A based singer, Model and surfchampion Daize Shayne (Daize.com)…. I´ve been on Tour with different artists..such as Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen singer Jeff Scott Soto, the Band “TIME” and as mentioned before “DAIZE SHAYNE… If you wanna know more about me and my musical actions please visit my website www.marcowriedt.com or my Myspace account

Ok, here we go… I think Songwriting and touring are the most important things in the Music business..(besides selling many records of course.hehehe)They somehow belong together..cause If you don´t have any song-material you can´t perform in front of an audience..That´s why I decided to tell ya some stories about SONGWRITING & TOURING

Let´s start with “Songwriting”

Songwriting is a very interesting thing… If you are writing a song…you´re basically creating a baby…

And the Baby is completely created by you cause you put all your emotions, Love, pain, joy, anger.. you name it-…just EVERYTHING in YOUR song…

Songwriting in itself starts with a basic idea… Usually I have a melody in my head and if I like it, I pick up the instrument and start working on some ideas…if you are playing in a band…It can be different...The bass player has a new lick and he loves it but the lead singer think it sucks…then you have to arrange something…but usually if it happens like that…the song turns out great, special and unique cause many people put their ideas and creativity in one song….The Band “ Queen” is a good example…They had 4 strong songwriters…and they wrote some very cool songs together…(listen to their song Innuendo)

Then you have bands like Metallica, Aerosmith, Dream Theater or Led Zeppelin where mostly two band-members are writing the songs….I think, there is no “wrong or right” cause every Band is different… for one Band it works out this way and for the other Band it works great that way…

Anyway… It´s always incredible if the song is finally ready and finished..cause U put all the work, love, time, sweat & tears in it….now the audience has to like it…;-)

After writing /recording the songs…U have to promote your songs and play them in front of an audience…. And that´s my personal favourite….Touring!!


I´m just home actually from a 2 month European tour with Daize Shayne..(Daize.com)

Where we played some very huge festivals with Bands like “Sting, Glenn Hughes, Simply Red” and so on…we had a blast every night..it was awesome

Touring is a world of its own…after rehearsing for the tour..you hook up with the Tour manager and the complete Tour-Team…

The first show is always strange in a way…cause there isn´t any routine yet..which can be good and interesting…the sound is new on stage, the set-list is new, things like that…..after the first couple of shows, you usually have already a well-oiled machine on stage and backstage…you give 120% every show cause there is no better feeling like playing in front of people…it doesn´t matter how many…10, 100,or 6000…. The excitement is always the same…

After the show you are usually hanging with your own or other bandmembers and have a drink or two…sometimes even 3..:-)

Then, checking into the hotel…or if there is a long drive or flight to another city…directly into the bus or airport…I prefer the first one more…cause you can relax., hanging out with friends or other musicians and then having a nice long sleep in the hotel…

But either way, It is cool and for me it is always sad to play the last gig of a tour…cause I know that I will miss everything about it…moments like…”when the announcer starts to introduce you, getting the response of the audience, the band vibe on stage, great Hotels, ( I love Hotels) The Band chemistry…stuff like that you know…I´m already looking forward to the next shows…

Ok, That´s it for now…I hope U liked my little story and I wish ya all the best of luck with your musical actions….. Songwriting and Touring

Yours, Marco Wriedt


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That´s it...talk to ya later


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