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Songs hold an important place in everyones heart

Heart - Stars & Stripes
Heart - Stars & Stripes

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Songs by Steve Valentino

Songs hold an important place in everyone's heart. People listen to songs for the purpose of relaxation, dancing, while playing games and even while exercising. We can listen to songs either through audiocassettes, television, compact discs, MP3s, DVDs, and who knows how many more media is going to be devised to play music. We can also get free songs downloaded from the Internet, so long as you know the song titles, songwriter or singer of the songs that you need to be downloaded. There is specific free software found on the internet, which facilitates all this.

People usually think that it takes a genius to write a song. However, for one to actually be able to write a tuneful verse, one needs to have the ability to listen to the words of the heart. Just go with the heart, and you are bound to get a song. Of course, to churn out the words to be put into tune, some formal training will be needed, like meter and rhyming. However, this is not so for creating the song lyrics. The lyrics all come from our hearts and feelings. The key of writing songs lies in using the same rhyming and syllable pattern in each verse. The chorus may be different as it has the hook, which is the part of the song that people tend to remember and enjoy the most.


Songs have become a major block of the music entertainment industry, providing employment to thousands of people and also providing needed exposure to budding singers. Instrumentalists have also been given the opportunity to display their talents through different songs that are being produced across the world. Songs and music have no borders and play an important part in uniting the world. Songs have played an important part in our lives for a long time, and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

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Updated: 3/19/07