Song writing and Writers block

What can one say about Song Writing and Writer’s Block… If you had it, then you know how debilitating it can be to your pocket book and musical outlet.

My good friend Robert Neary has written a splendid article on just that topic. Rob gives some common-sense down to earth ideas that will help you snap out of it. You know, break out of that box your musical brain has been locked in. I have also heard some scuttle-butt on certain medications can also have an effect on your creativity. Of course, we all know recreational drugs and alcohol can be the blame too! So please... give this article a good read and maybe you’ll be able to overcome song writing and writer’s block. ~ Scott 

Song writing & writers block by Robert Neary

"When it comes to song writing, the most common frustration for musicians is writers block. Every musician at some stage has suffered from it and no matter what they do, they simply are stuck."

  • So how can you overcome it?

There are various ways you can beat writers block. One is to read about how other song writers or musicians beat their writers block. The best advice you can get is from experienced songwriters. Take Brian May of Queen, when he gets stuck on a song he swaps his guitar for a piano.

I guess the main point is to think outside the box and do something different as it may motivate you with new ideas.

Do what works best for you, watch a movie, take a walk, have a bath. Some of the world’s greatest thinkers had their best ideas away from their jobs!

One technique I have started using recently is when I want to write a song using a musical style I’m not used to, I find as many song’s as possible that match it and play them on my MP3 player. After about a week of listening, I find that my brain has adjusted to the new music and its starts to anticipate how a song in that style is written.

Try it and see how your writing changes and how your vocabulary improves!

  • Lyrics- Putting the words to a song

So after years of perfecting your playing, suddenly nobody wants instrumental music (except us muso’s), and this leaves you with the dilemma of writing lyrics.

If you’re a die hard guitarist like me, it’s always music first and words later. I find that playing the guitar and singing is a double edged sword. You will find that your vocals don’t always want to match the style of music you’re playing (you can always d-tune your guitar to match your range).

As for me I would put myself in the Paul Gilbert Category, he play’s rock but has pop vocals.

Anyway, back to the lyrics, the best advice I got came from my girlfriend (don’t forget that women are the biggest target audience in the music industry) who said that her favourite songs are like stories and they have words with meaning or they remind her of an experience in her life (Happy or sad).

So find a nice spot to sit in and start writing and get in touch with your inner person

  • Playing guitar – No record deal, no worries!

The best advice I can give you about playing guitar and trying to get heard is that “shock horror” only 10% of bands are likely to be successful in the music industry!

Unless you are multi talented musician and the best thing since sliced bread, you better not get your hopes up about a record deal as it’s one of the hardest industries to crack.

But don’t give up just yet!

What you really don’t hear about is that the rewards are far greater for songwriters and by licensing your music on TV, film and computer games!

Look at me, at 33 I decided to stop chasing the elusive record deal and start finding other avenues to get exposure and make money through my music.

We are in a digital age where there are plenty of websites to sell and distribute your music on worldwide to audiences that better suit your market.

Take me, I sell my CD’s monthly through CDBABY ( and generate digital revenue as well by the 60 stores they list me on for each album (I-tunes etc)!

Once you have enough tracks, try searching on the web for “royalty free music websites” and send them your demo. It worked for me as “Rip Curl” want to use 7 of my tracks for their DVD.

Also the plus side of joining a royalty free website is that they host your mp3’s and sell each track at the same price as you would make in one album sale (if not more! $27-$500,000) just remember to check that you are getting a good deal (commission tends to be 40% or free exposure) and always check the exclusivity rights!

"This definitely gets you’re foot in the back door to the music industry and you never know... you may be heard on the next TV ad which launches you to fame!!"  

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