Urban Dictionary: snew

snew - 7 definitions - what's new, as in what's up or even how’s it going?

Example : Person A: Snew? Person B: Nothing much, snew you?

I just woke from a nice early / late evening nap and I’m as fresh and energized as a brand new Copper-Top Battery… Guess what I got in the mail today? That’s right… A brand Spankin’ NEW CD by the totally Rawk’N Ruckus of a bunch called SNEW. From the first song out of the chute to the last, “this album rocks balls to the wall.”

If you are into bands like Airborne, Broken Teeth, Jet, AC/DC, and guitar oriented riff oriented hard rock, then this band is right up your darkest alley. This crue’ really know how to pull out all the stops… Hard Rock School 101… There is nothing new here that hasn’t been done before… However what’s snew is the Cocky / Swagger Attitude that’s been missing from the rock world for awhile… The riffs, the arrangements, lyrics and vocals take you back to the early to mids 80’s ‘Head-Bangers Ball’ on MTV. SNEW stays very close to what they know and do best… And that’s to plug you in at 240 volts and to let you suck on the amperage coming off their CD awhile… I guess you could call these guys step-up transformers. You’ll be air guitar’n’ around your living like an Energizer Bunny on steroids.

Simply put this band has got some of the nicest and most colorful packaging I’ve seen in awhile to… I liken the artwork to a Creem and / or Circus Magazine. I know you ol’ skool rockers know what I’m talking about too. Remember when? While I was opening up the SNEW CD with its kool red, white and glossy black cover, I kept reminiscing back to my early teens when I got my first KISS album ALIVE II. SNEW gives you a nice 6 page insert with the lyrics, photos and digital artwork. And lastly, some neat looking membership cards (a liken to KISS ARMY, etc.) and some small colorful baseball type SNEW cards. I kept looking in the CD for a guitar pick… None to be had… Oh Well! You can tell these Kats are totally pro. They take pride in their music (product) and it shows in both the music and their presentation.

You know when go to the store for a bottle aspirin for a headache, you know exactly what brand and type of pill works best for you. Well, that’s how SNEW’s music is… Once you’ve listened to ‘em, you’ll know exactly what brand and dosage you’ll be reaching for next time your head hurts… A bottle of ‘SNEW’ should make you comfortably numb ….

I give this CD 4.5 Starz