Singing is one of lifes great medicines

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Singing is one of life’s great medicines.- Scott Thomas (Riffmaster)

"A lot of folks think singing is only for the popular and naturally talented. You know… like you need some highly gifted skill to do it. You associate your favorite songs with the artist. Making you think that trying would be way beyond you."

Believe it or not, singing is more a part of your life then you think. Let’s see… TV, radio, computers, and car stereo’s, commercials, movies, shopping malls, cell phones, and the list go on. You are around it constantly. Have you seen that commercial for the new cell phones? You know the one where the guy sings the theme song to The Dukes of Hazard’s. The commercial gives you a good feeling. I catch myself subconsciously singing stupid catchy commercial songs when in my car. And, I hate the product they are selling. And, I’m singing to there song? I guess it makes me feel silly. Singing is one of life’s best medicines for stress and will improve your mental state.

For instance, when you hear a song on the radio, does it rekindle a memory from the past? Like being with that certain person who makes your heart pitter-patter, reminiscing their kiss and smell. I know when I get a little down, I like to get in my car and go for a country drive. I love jamming out in my car. I crank it to 11. I play air guitar on my steering wheel (as fret board) and pick the stick shift (as guitar body) as if it were my guitar…. You do that too? This puts me in a much better mood. Singing at the top of my lungs gives me a rush making me feel even better.

Another thing I like to do is make my own top 10 favorite songs on CD’s. I-PODS are what are in now. Check this out: with the ipod playing your favorite song, keep one headphone speaker in your ear and take the other one off so you can hear yourself sing. If you have the means, record you doing this… then listen back to yourself without the music, just vocals. This will tell you if you are staying on key.

Then there are those songs that remind you of an old flame that burned you bad. This can put you in a bad mood quick. What I do is sing the song so that I can remember why I’m better off without them in the first place. This will get all those old feelings out. These are the type of songs you sing from the heart because you’ve been there and done that. Pick these types of songs to sing alone without anyone around. Concentrate on the sound of your voice and not so much on the singer in the song. In your mind’s eye, pretend you’re on stage in the lime light. You are singing to an audience of screaming fans. This will definitely give you the right attitude to carry on.

"So… the next time you want to lift your spirits, crank-up the volume and start administering your own type of medicine." "Try Singing!"

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