Sass Jordan CD REVIEW

Sass Jordan CD REVIEW

From Dusk ‘til Dawn


Warner Bro.

“The title of the CD comes from me wanting to write about that time of day when things are most uncertain, in a state of potentiality, right before the night manifests, with all it’s accompanying fear, passion, quiet, loneliness, dread, and dreams…. It’s the time we seem to be the most vulnerable emotionally, and as an artist, that time is very interesting to explore.”Sass Jordan

I received Sass Jordan’s CD today and I anxiously opened up the CD from its enviro-packaging and into the CD player she went. From the first song till the last song I was totally mesmerized by the songwriting, singing and even flow of her muse… Sass’s vocals are very strong on this album. The CD Cover has a picture of Sass kneeling on a high-point over a valley with the sun setting into the dark red and purple clouds on the horizon. On the back side of the CD Cover you have the song titles and the same exact picture as the front cover except instead of Sass sitting on the high point, you now have a silhouette of a timber wolf howling at the red skies of a setting sun. Interesting…

SIDE NOTE : Her latest CD, entitled “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn”, was written and recorded from July through October 2008, and features songs and sounds that reflect the atmosphere of the late 70’s Southern California scene. ‘I started out singing in Westmount Park, with my friends and a couple of acoustic guitars ... passersby would stop and listen for a while, as we honed our skills in public’, says Sass. “Naturally, this type of vocal harmony and melodic sensibility is now a staple in my repertoire, and one I had a blast revisiting on this current recording”.

The songs on this CD have not been over produced and the CD gains an organic quality to it. There are a couple of Rock / Country cross-overs on it too. Also, I hear Sass’s penchant for bluegrass and mountain music. The song ‘Matter of Time’, ‘Love N Affection’, and ‘Stronger’ really caught my ear and struck home w/ me. Besides, I love singing to the Chorus’. If you’ve lived a little and have got some mileage in this life, then the song hits home even more…

The first tune “What I Need” is a rockin’ little number with some neat arrangements on the acoustics and percussions. Back porch music – watchin’ the beaver waddlin’ upon the river type material fer sure… I can see a guy playing a stand-up bass and all. This tune has that acoustic Stray Cats type vibe to it…

“Fell in Love” - Again Sass has reached back in time with this tune which has that Phil Specter late 60’s vibe going on with the horns and all. If you are a Huey Lewis and the News, The Boss, and / or Hall and Oats fans… Then there ya go…. This song is for you.

“Awake “ – Wow… Southern California early 70’s music… Yep! I get it with this one… I love the piano accompaniment and the chorus with the vocal harmonies. This lady has a wonderful but distinctive voice for sure…

“Why Did You” – I luv this song too… It sounds like Texas Country / Rock music in the likes of Cross Canadian RagWeed, Jack Ingram, and others exploiting that Americana Country Rock…

“Lonely” – This is a kewl little blues ditty --- Reminds me of Bonnie Raitt in her heyday…

The Hit Song “Love N Affection” – What a sultry song… Baby Face / Eric Clapton arrangement / production vibe on this one. The guitar work on this track is well done with the call and response between Sass’s awesome vocals and the Gibson Les Paul dirty sounding guitar riffs and licks.

“Matter of Time”… HEE HAAAWWWWW !!!! I picture Ken Burns using this piece of wonderful music in one of his Civil War Documentaries… Remember the Music in the Movie ‘Cold Mountain’… A banjo and fiddle and acoustic guitar with the brushes, hand claps, and foot stumpin’ percussion… Let’s have a barn dance I say!!! Oh no… Now bring in the Hammond Organ to make it feel almost gospel at times… Now throw in the ‘Funky Meters’ and you have the world shankin’ their asses. I totally dig this chick’s music.

“OL’ 55” – I’m going to say two words for this song “the eagles” w/ Bernie Leaden and Don Felder. I hear so many influences…. From Linda Ronstadt to Randy Meisner to Jackson Browne.

Another hit song – “Stronger” -- This song is very inspirational and will having you singing by the second chorus I promise you.

“Home Again” – Once again, some good ol’ mountain music. Flat picking acoustic guitars and vocals… I just let Sass’s vocals take me away as she sings to me with her lullaby voice. She would fit right on in here in Austin, Tejas. I would luv to see here at the “Saxon Pub”, Continental Club, or Greune Hall. Folks like Sass Jordan’s music really bring out the best of American Music.

SIDE NOTE: Joining Sass on the CD is Derek Sharp, who also co-wrote, sang, produced and played multiple instruments, Peter Cardinali on bass guitar, Jorn Anderson on drums and percussion, Gary Breit on keyboards, Michael Borkosky on guitars and co-arrangements, and lastly, Chris Caddell on guitar.

I give this CD 5 STARZ

Sass Jordan-What I Need