Purpose of Wanting to be a Musician

Purpose of Wanting to be a Musician by Muris Varajic

Hi folks, Muris Varajic here, guitar player from Sarajevo, Bosnia.

In next the few lines I’m gonna try to describe my vision of being musician / guitarist and also to say a few things about writing a cool tune, and the recording process, etc.

My purpose of wanting to be a musician is probably that awesome feeling of euphoric emotion one gets by the sharing of a huge dose of energy from me the guitarist to the listeners. This sharing is known to be really hard sometimes. You know, you have to get out there to be heard. However, the easiest way for doing that is to be honest to your self as a musician.

So, play the stuff you like, make the kind of music that you’ll love and then see how listeners are responding to it. If you are getting a lot of positive feedback, and lots of folks are buying your cds, then you are a HIT! If there are few responses or low sales, then your music might sound kind a strange to them, but… don’t change your curse!!

***Note from Me – "I think what Muris is trying to say is that just because your music isn’t the fad, don’t worry… you could be the next Nirvana… create your own friggin’ genre."

Making a tune, or pulling it out of yourself could be much similar to the birth of a baby. Sometimes it takes just few moments… and, sometimes it can take forever too. So always try to record each of your ideas. For those writing and recording and things are not going that well... just don’t push it hard, give it some time, a solution will come.

In the meanwhile, you might as a guitarist, try to practice more than usually. I do this quite often and from many practice hours I get lots of cool ideas for those hard tunes. But don’t practice only when a tune is going bad; try to practice each day as much as you can, of course without hurting yourself. Speaking of practice, continue to work at it… this is all that counts.

So we have a tune ready, we are in shape, and now it’s time to record it.

Too many ways to do it (digital, analog,) so I’ll talk of some basics.

First, put the rhythm section (drums and bass) on the track and listen to it many times. Each time you might hear a different solution for next coming instruments… But don’t be afraid of it, TRY IT ALL!! There are many mixes to make and your neighbor might pick the right one.

While doing lead guitar tracks, try to double some to get more sound but still to keep it out of a rush. Some bars, you might want to try to do intervals and then back to doubles, just an idea to you.

So we did lots of tracks, we’re listening to it and it all sound wrong?? Or good?? Again, we must give it some time… Yeah, these steps could be real pain in the ass, but we’re not making soup, right?

After few hours or days of a brake, it’s easier to notice things you want or don’t want in your mix. Some mixes or whole tunes are going to get trashed, no big deal… still many more tracks to come.

Point is, whatever you do now are baby steps… However, it’s also a big experience for your upcoming stuff. Have patience, work hard, practice a lot, make tunes and results MUST come. Some will say that these markers are not fully guarantees for success in today’s music industry, but every quality will be noticed for sure, more or less….everything else is pure luck.

I gave you some models I use, truly hoping that it’ll be of some help to all of you, And wish you all the best in your music careers, because it is a wonderful profession.

Stay well and be yours,

Muris Varajic

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