Date: 2010

Artist Name: Joel Cummins, Jake Cinninger, Kris Myers, Chris Poland

Genre: Extreme Progressive Rock / Fusion Instrumental Guitar


Record Company: Magna Carta Records

Review: Are we here again? Yep! We sure are... Time flyz when U’r havin’ so much fun !!! Yawl must like theze kool CD ReviewZ that Cashbox Magazine provides to the masses. I just want to say that I'm happy to be writing my CD Reviews for them and their awesome Editorial team.

Once again, I've been lucky e’nuff to receive this mind-expanding CD that shouldn't me missed if You are a Progressive Instrumental Rock Guitar Fan (like me). The Album is called "OHMPHREY" ... OMG !!! The word 'perfection' comes to mind right off the mark. I'm just blown away w/ this collaboration from my man Chris Poland and his collaborative crue.

OHMphrey, is an American collaborative project formed featuring three members of the Chicago-based jam-band Umphrey's McGee (keyboardist Joel Cummins, guitarist Jake Cinninger and drummer Kris Myers) and OHM guitarist Chris Poland, a legendary player who’s perhaps best known for work with headbangin’ pioneers Megadeth, and bassist Robertino Pagliari (a.k.a. “Pag”). The bands met and played together for the first time at Martyrs’ Restaurant and Pub in Umphrey’s McGee’s hometown of Chicago. After their Chicago meeting the idea for a collaborative project between the two bands was formed. Soon the opportunity arose to record in a band setting and the five that would become OHMphrey want to Poland’s downtown L.A. studio to rekindle the experience they created months earlier at the Chicago gig. The band recorded over the course of two days resulting in a unique and improv-heavy album. The band released their self-titled debut "OHMphrey" with Magna Carta Records.

The CD itself logs in at just over 64 minutes and kicks off with the first tune out the gate "Someone Said You Were Dead". And what a tight rocker it ‘tis. Damn! "I want those Guitar Tones...” There is no way I can have 'em tho... Thoze tones are from the fatty part of some awesome electrified and flawlessly liquefied fingers that produce nuthin' but juicy notes one right after the other in amazing fashion. Chris'is playing reminds of the awesome lightening speed and musical fluidity of Ian Hammers' keyboard playing. Another great player that comes to mind is guitarist Steve Lukather (Toto). 'Escape from New York' and Ex-soldier and legendary fugitive "Snake" Plissken (Kurt Russell) would be proud of this... Oh oh ... I know this CD is going to be gewd !!!

"The Girl from Chi Town " - Oh yeah... Change'n Gearz here... Now we have a more ambient, spacey-type vibe with really clean-guitar sounds and tones ala Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck, Derek Trucks, Neil Schon and special katz like that. U know, the guys who understand melody, tones, phrasing and immaculate recording and engineering... Nothing spared here... And while listenin to this, in my mindz eye, I just took a beautiful and heartfelt walk thru fields of Azure while the warm sun and breeze stroked my face and all the while strolling hand-in-hand with the Girl from Chi Town... I now ask U... Are we in Elysium yet ???

For music folks out there who enjoy world class guitar players, musicianship, and music that will just simply take U on a trip w/o havin' to even leave the farm, then this CD is w/o a doubt should be in your special collection along with Al Di Meola, Primus, Spyra Gyra, Rush, Dream Theater and King Crimson... Did I say World Class !!!

Track 3: “Denny’s by the Jail” - Two words for this moving track... "Tension" and "Release" Yeah !!! I'm totally diggin' the riff and percussions on this... I could run forever listening this... Yeah Baby !!! Some wicked wah-induced-shred here... The drumming is to die for... Kill Me Know !!!

"Ohmphrey" track listing:

01. Someone Said You Were Dead

02. The Girl From Chi Town

03. Denny's By The Jail

04. Ice Cream

05. Lake Shore Drive

06. Not Afraid Of The Dark

07. Shrooms 'n Cheese

08. What's The Word, Thunderbird

Check out audio samples at : www.myspace.com/ohmphrey.

Parting Shot Across the Bow: The rest of the music on this CD is like going to an colorful abstract art gallery of the highest order. I mean it... None of the song on this album feel pushed or rushed in any fashion. Even tho' the musicianship is super tight, it still feelz like a free-form jam full of soul-surfin' on some big Kahuna waves. “Turn it Up!!!”

Author: Scott Thomas

Stars: 5 out of 5