Musicians use your time wisely

Musician’s use your time wisely. - Scott Thomas 

"Trying to do everything at the same time is pretty much a futile attempt. It doesn’t seem like the logical path to take if you are trying to overcome your time management dilemma. Furthermore, there are only 24 hours in a day. Since we are not God, we can’t extend each day any longer."

There are two important things to remember when talking about time management.

The first one is to contemplate what you are willing to accept in life.

The second is the choices that you make in life.

Accept the things that you have no or little control over. If you have to work to play music, at least you’ve got some money to buy gear. Look at the things you can’t control in a positive light. Ask yourself this…How can I use these disadvantages as advantages?

As for me, I worked and made a living during the day and played music at night. I had to accept this because I didn’t want to have to live with 2 or 3 other people to pay the rent. I certainly wasn’t going to eat Top Ramen Noodles to try to make it in the music business. Furthermore, I wasn’t going to stand on a street corner playing old blues tunes on my acoustic guitar while folks throw quarters in my open guitar case. I had to utilize my music time more wisely. I didn’t want to be a slacker playing in front of folks. I wanted to get out there in front of people and play my butt off. I wouldn’t accept anything less. If anything, I over practiced and rehearsed when I first started out. Don’t over rehearse… you’ll get stale before you even start gigging.

Choose not to be busy? For seven days keep a diary of what you do all day. Write in the clock times when changing from one thing to another. Next, create a schedule for each day and put the times in 15 minute intervals. Now look back at your diary. You will see very quickly where your time is being spent. Now, choose what’s important to you and start filling in your new schedule.

If you hate your job and it takes up to much time and they won’t work with your schedule, you might want to think about another profession. Such as; you might want to take a job teaching music or guitar. There is a lot of joy and fulfillment doing this type of work. This will also help you grow as a person and a musician. Think of what it is that inspires you? I have a few musician friends that got together and started a music gear rental store in Austin, TX. Man… what a way to network.

"Keep your songwriting and rehearsal schedule revered and sacred. Live a healthy lifestyle to include enough sleep. Yes, there are basic things you must do everyday and accept it. However, everything else is choice"- ~Scott