Music Review David Lynch I Can See Sound

Date: 2011

Artist Name: David Lynch

Genre: Americana

Title: I Can See Sound

Record Company: Self-Titled

Review David Lynch - I Can See Sound...

...And the sound is giving me ol' flicker movies in my mind's eye. However, these images are all in Panavision and Technicolor. The music on this album are for the storyteller in you. David's music has that Americana feel to it. His song's lyrics are familiarly descriptive and witty to say the least. His vocals are smooth and inviting. His guitar playing is fun and seamless w/ each unique tune. The instrumentation is lively and timeless. They call this kind of music jangly, breezy, Cali-pop folk music... I'll make it simple for ya and jus' call it damn good.

Born in Alhambra, California, David started writing his first songs in the fifth grade, and since then his passion for music and songwriting has continues to flourish. A natural born musician, Lynch is a self-taught guitar player, and his lyrics have been inspired by his coastal Southern California hometown, his many and varied life experiences, and the cultural differences that set us apart and tie us to one another. David has an Emmy under his belt for his earlier work, but his love for music, family and friends is what really drives him in his quest to write thought provoking music that conveys his philosophy on life.

Parting shot across the bow... David is the Norman Rockwell of lazy day music. So pull up a rockin' chair on the ol' front porch with a cool glass of lemonade and let your mind's eye run wild.

Author Scott Thomas

Stars 5 out 5 Stars