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PRACTICE by Ilan Ashkenazi

"With arpeggios/economy, Legato/tap, alternate picking, whatever, the key is to practice them slow and accurate."

Speed comes with time, basically through accurate repetition, the brain begins to grasp what you are practicing, and the less thought you need to put into something, the faster it can be executed.

Remember that speed without accuracy is nothing, and you can't gain accurate clean speed by practicing fast... Basically there are two parts to learning a lick or exercise.

First part is memorizing the motif, lick and the second part is the repetition of this idea accurately slowly and evenly.

The use of a metronome is very helpful... the idea is not so that you can keep time, it's to force your fingers to play slow or at a certain tempo, and also monitor your progress.

Say you start at 90 bmp, accurate repetitions (say 20-100 times)4 notes a beat then move up the metronome 2 bmp and then move back one then keep that pattern throughout; 2 bpm forward, one back etc..

"This is just an idea... there are countless ways to use a metronome for practice."

You want it to be accurate, every note sounding out perfect and in time and definitely with the proper technique and fingering --- keep that in mind with everything.

Remember that your brain also learns mistakes, so the more inaccurate repetitions you do, the longer it will take to master the 'lick'.

"If you can't nail it perfect bring the speed down."

Motivation To Achieve Success

Speed Picking Lesson

"Many ways to improve your playing"

"Play it as slowly as you have to, to play it ACCURATELY. Accuracy first, then speed.-Riffmaster."

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