Moody Scott CD Review

CD Review - Bustin' Outta' The Ghetto

CD Review - Bustin' Outta' The Ghetto by Scott Thomas

Produced by Stiletto Records Inc.


Moody delivers a contemporary music blend of R&B, Blues, and soul selections that allows the listeners to feel his style, emotions and passion.The outstanding ballads "One Man's Happiness" and "The Best of Me" capture adults and young adult fans.

Moody puts his magic touch on these classic remakes such as:

"Can I Change My Mind" By Tyrone Davis

Johnnie Taylor's, "Last Two Dollars"

"Annie Mae's Cafe" by Blues great, Little Milton Campbell

I get sent allot of CDs to listen to throughout the months from folks all over the world who want me to listen to their muse and give them a CD Review... I was flipping thru jewel cases when I noticed this CD from this guy called Simply Moody. The cd is called "we gotta bust outta of the Ghetto"...

If this CD doesn't have you shaken yo ass by the first 8 barz then you are simply dead ! My man 'ol Legendary Moody Scott can still deliver the goods after all these years and that's a ten-four good buddy. This CD smells of the good 'ol South... Louisiana blackened voodoo swamps and all. If you are still old enough to remember the Chitlin' Circuit from the 60's and early 70's then this is the music for you. I hear the music of “life” and it’s struggles and successes. Route 66 here we come.

When I listen to Moody's fine songs, I can't help but reminisce back to my early youth... This music here is actually the back drop to my childhood in the early to mid 60's. You know... like the music in the movie "Stand by Me" or a "Bronx Tale"... It is like a warm blanket from yester-year. If you like great classic R&B, Soul, a little Funk, and some uptown jamz, then this is the music to get your "mean lean" ON !!!

Choice Cuts: Bustin' Otta The Ghetto * Last Two Dollars * Annie Mae Cafe', and the last song "Son of a Southern Man"-- talk about some good ol' finger-pickin' down home blues...

This is some Classic R&B Music that should not be missed. If you want to capture a time when life seemed much simpler then I recommend this CD for your listening pleasure. I give this CD 5 starz

Song List:

Bustin' Outta’ The Ghetto - Moody Scott, (Rashaud PUB-BMI)

Can I Change My Mind (Espenza/Wolfolk Dakar Music BMI)

Last Two Dollars - George Jackson (Maleco Music BMI)

Annie Mae Cafe'- George Jackson (Maleco Music BMI)

Motivated - Moody Scott, (Rashaud PUB/White Wing Music BMI)

One Man's Happiness - Moody Scott, (Rashaud PUB/White Wing Music BMI)

Little By Little - Amos Blackmore (Blues Heart Music BMI)

The Best Of Me - Rocky Peoples (Rashaud PUB-BMI)

Something You Got Baby - Alvin Robinson (Shelby Singleton Pub BMI)

Son Of A Southern Man - Smitty Smith/Moody Scott, (Rashaud PUB-BMI)

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