Learning to Rock with Pentatonics pt 4

Learning to Rock with Pentatonics pt 4 by Scott Allen

First try to get all of these licks under your fingers. Once you have them down try some serious experimentation with them. Try to mix and match the different licks. You can even take each lick apart Frankenstein style, and piece them back together into mutant (and totally rippin’) monsters.

Rock licks -

Here are some good all purpose fast rock licks that will satisfy your need for Blackmore or Page licks.

Tapping Licks -

These are very basic tapping licks designed to help you get your Van Halen on.

Are these the most advanced, Shredding licks on the planet? No, these are good starting points for any guitarist in the situation that I described at the beginning of this article. These are the first step, and I believe someone famous once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

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