The title, "No Gravity" comes from the feeling what musicians feel while playing. "The further we know and dominate the rational and mathematical part of the music, the intuitive parts take control of us and really take us to 'travel' with the music we're playing. It's at this point that the musician wants to hit and connect to the people, but he must achieve this within himself first. For this feeling I have chosen this term: 'No Gravity'"

Awesome guitar playing, great melodies, in-depth song writing, mega compositions.. Heavy at times yet full of tasteful melodies and catchy lines. Yes, this is a rock record, but there are plenty of local traditional Latin rhythms executed with aggression, fury and utmost passion.

Once again, I have been lucky enough to be turned on to another great world class guitar virtuoso by the name of Kiko Loureiro best known for his many years as the lead guitarist for the international progressive rock group Angra, and his debut album "NO GRAVITY". From the first song to the last, you’ll hear nothin’ but tasty melodies, catchy lead guitar lines, solid compositions, and refined guitar tone. Kiko's versatility can go from Heavy Metal to Contemporary Jazz in the wink of an eye, and he is equally adepth at both acoustic as well as electric styles of playing. Furthermore, there are plenty of local traditional Latin, and various Brazilian rhythms executed with aggression, fury and the utmost passion which is at the heart of Kiko's distinct and unique style of playing, and because of this the notes literally jump of the CD at you causing you to become totally engrossed in this brilliant musicians compositions and technical prowess on the guitar.

No Gravity from the Brazilian born guitarist Kiko Loureiro clearly shows why he's frequently voted as one of the most talented guitar players worldwide, and Kiko shows his amazing versatility and musical expertise on "No Gravity" putting to rest any doubts as to the validity why he gets these prestigous accolades. Kiko also solicited the talents of well known producer Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Angra), and drummer Mike Terrana (Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine). Kiko not only proves he's a guitar virtuoso, but that he's definitely a complete musician by also handling percussion, keyboards, piano, bass and acoustic guitars on the album.

...Kiko is one of the best guitar players of today's rock and metal scene, he has been voted the #1 Progressive Rock and Metal player in the world in polls taken by the well respected Young Guitar and Burrn magazines of Japan being voted ahead of Vai, Satriani, Petrucci, Malmsteen, Cooley, Van Halen, MacApline, Lynch and all the other heavy duty axe slingers that peel the paint from your walls.

Are you a fan of mind-blowing instrumental guitar? Do you listen to guitar players that have a variety of styles...? Do you like guitar players w/ blistering speed and technical skills? Then this is the guitar instrumental album for you… Just make sure you’re wearing your lead boots while listening…

5 Starz out of 5 Starz

'No Gravity'

Boosweet Records USA, Canada (distributed by Burnside Distribution Corp)

04:02 Enfermo Instrumental

05:10 Endangered Species Instrumental

05:34 Escaping Instrumental

04:23 No Gravity Instrumental

07:00 Pau-De-Arara Instrumental

04:32 La Force De L'Ame Instrumental

02:12 Tapping Into My Dark Tranquility Instrumental

04:29 Moment Of Truth Instrumental

02:00 Beautiful Language Instrumental

05:33 In A Gentle Way Instrumental

04:12 Dilemma Instrumental

03:39 Feliz Desilusao Instrumental

01:10 Choro De Crianca Instrumental

The Artists

Kiko Loureiro - All Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass

Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Percussion, Programming, Arrangements, Production

Mike Terrana - Drums, Percussion

Dennis Ward - Production, Engineering, Mixing

Jurgen Lusky - Mastering

Marcelo Rossi - Art, Photography


Here is a Clip of Kiko Jammin' -- I did some of the video effects in this Clip too... I love making shorts...