How to Audition a New Guitar

Audition Tips - Scott Thomas 

Buying a guitar is serious business. It's hard earned cash being spent here when shopping around for a new/used guitar. Just cause the paint job looks cool and blue is your color for a wood grain acoustic guitar doesn't really mean the guitar is worth it. I see these guitars on e-bay and they aren't worth a crap. They look pretty and that's it! "You get what you pay for is my motto!" Do your research before you even walk into a guitar shop. On-line is the best for this. Guitar forum boards are another way to keep - up with the latest reviews of Guitarz and Gear. However... when you find your deal "It's always a good idea to check for the following when buying a new or used guitar."

Audition Tips:

* Neck Staightness - A little (fretboard curvature) is cool, but no ski jumps. please.

* Fret Quality - Sightdown both sides of the fretboard from the bridge end to spot high frets and/or uneven ends. Fret tops should be smooth, consistent, and free of file marks or dings. Extra credit for polishing.

*Fit and Finish - Inspect for orange-peel dimples, finish goofs where the fretboard joins the top, and binding and inlay boo-boos. Pickup and bridge routs should be clean and precise, and bolt-on necks should fit tightly into their pockets (if you can slip a business card between the neck and bod, the gap is excessive.) Make sure the nut is trimmed properly - sharp edges are a drag.

*Hardware Integrity - Check for loose pots, rattling bridge parts, cock-eyed tuners, and missing screws.

*Intonation - Plug into a tuner and compare each open-string with its 12th-fret note.

*Tuning Stability - A guitar should tune up easily and stay in tune. If there is a problem in this department, reach for another instrument or ask if you can try the guitar with a fresh set of strings, If the guitar is equipped with a double-locking trem, make sure the devise works smoothly and keeps the strings in tune no matter how hard you work the bar.

*Wiring and controls - It's amazing how crummy the soldering and shielding can look inside some guitars - even expensive ones - so pop off the cavity cover if possible and take a peek. Pots should feel smooth and switches shouldn't be stiff or gritty.

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