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Hexatonic Scales

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We have already covered the hexatonic scale for the ionian mode, now let’s learn the hexatonic shapes for 3 more modes.

Here’s dorian:

Here’s phrygian:

Here’s lydian:

Lastly, will cover the last 3 modes mixolydian, aeolian, and locrian.

Hexatonics Part 3

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Adam Rice is a primarily instrumental guitarist specializing in the styles of rock, funk/fusion, and jazz (though he has been in several vocal bands of varying styles as well).

Movin' Strings
Movin' Strings
Garibaldi, David
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What Are Arpeggios?

An arpeggio is built from the notes that make up a chord, but are picked as individual notes. They may be used as fill-ins, linking melodies with chords and chord/melody. Arpeggios have their own patterns but not unlike their chord counterparts. There are 5 basic patterns for each type of arpeggio just like there were 5 basic patterns for each type of chord.

What Are Arpeggios?

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Alfred John Petrucci's Wild Stringdom (Book/CD)

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Updated: 3/6/07