Guitarist learn your diatonic scale patterns

An Interesting Sequence of Events pt 1 By Scott Allen

One of the things I often find to be true when meeting a new student is that they tend to have little or no knowledge of scales.

Pentatonic, Diatonic, Harmonic Minor, it doesn’t matter which scale, they don’t know them. Worst still, those who do know at least some scale patterns don’t know how to properly use them. This leaves a player more frustrated than Stephen Hawking trying to explain quantum mechanics to Paris Hilton. So let’s start off by stating the obvious, you first need to learn your scale patterns.

The diatonic scale is most familiar as the major scale or the "natural" minor scale (or aeolian mode). The diatonic scale is a very important scale. Out of all the possible seven note scales it has the highest number of consonant intervals, and the greatest number of major and minor triads.

Guitarist learn your diatonic scale patterns

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