Dave Weiner Debut CD Review

"I was looking at Steve Vai’s MySpace page and I noticed Dave Weiner’s Logo on his Friends List and clicked on it. I did not know anything about Dave Weiner… nor had I ever heard his phenomenal guitar playing. I checked out his music clips and I was taken in right away by his ambient sound and textured musical tracks… Like on the intro of his tune “Long Run”."

A little about Dave (from Dave’s Myspace page: Dave Weiner's MySpace ) - I'm now 31, I've been playing guitar for about 21 years. I joined Steve Vai's band at 22 after spending a year at GIT (Musician's Institute) and have been touring with him since. I do have a solo career. My first cd, Shove The Sun Aside, was independently released in 2004 then signed to Favored Nations (a label owned by Vai) in 2005 and distributed worldwide. I'm currently recording my second cd, due out in late 2008.

I’m also the author of the most popular guitar instructional videos on YouTube, Riff Of The Week™. I started ROTW in 2005 and have been posting a new video every single Wednesday since. You can check that out at RIFF OF THE WEEK

When I'm not touring, I teach guitar through live, internet lessons, do session work, record & produce bands, and play tennis and hang out with friends and family... the usual stuff.

Dave Weiner - SHOVE THE SUN ASIDE Review (in the order of his MySpace Music Player)

Song One - Long Run: Dave Weiner - Guitar, Philip Bynoe - Bass, Virgil Donati - Drums

You know right away Dave’s setting you up for something big. He has you floating in space with his beautiful waterfall runs and soaring guitar lines…. And then, it hits; BAM!!! The extremely fast paced, strict-time percussive drums, guitar, and bass just start hammering out some awesome tight rhythmic pattern. Dave does this in groups of 4 that lengthens a little every time it revolves. My man is always changing direction and moods, keeping it very interesting. Dave is definitely a Vai prodigy… He has all the flair and skill of a man who has been doing this guitar thing for a long while. I hear so many influences in his guitar playing its mind boggling. How this guy keeps such a large repertoire (vocabulary) of many of my guitar heroes’ guitar styles and soundz is definitely on the verge of astonishing. Another thing I like is that even though he has the Satriani / Vai School of playing down, he definitely brings his own character to his writing and arranging. This first tune is just top-notch guitar virtuoso guitar playing and thematic writing all the way around. Instead of 3D, we’ll call this first tune 4D because that seems to be the dimension Dave Weiner is in.

“I tried to do something different with my guitar instrumental music. All of my songs were written to be "songs". The lead guitar work was not even thought of until I had strong songs that can hold their own so that anyone, musician or not, can enjoy them. I'm not a shredder. I trade in 1/64th notes for a memorable melody and a catchy hook.” – Dave Weiner

Monument Shine: Steve Wilson - Drums, Dave - everything else.

Oh! Yeah! I like the overall feel of this tune. Now I’m hearing another side of Dave’s music and vision. The open chordal picking mixed with the tight crunching rhythm will definitely make your gas pedal foot press hard to the floor. Dave knows how to expand on the simplest motifs, and he understands the building blocks of music. I like the Kasbah sounding lead playing and the double bend harmonies. He conjures up wacky delay verses, layered harmonies, and an orchestrated bridge imported straight from Mediterranean. The drumming by Steve Wilson is executed flawlessly. At times, Daves writing and performance are epic sounding. Yeah, this one will have you playing air guitar with your steering wheel. And, here comes the Sheriff now!

The Ghost of Denmark St.: Philip Bynoe - Bass, Steve Wilson - Drums, Dave - guitars & programming.

TONE, Tone, Tone… The tune starts out sounding like some Larry Carlton, Tom Scott, George Benson type jazz with beautiful sounding lead lines and jazz runs. Then all of a sudden he kicks into high-gear with some electrified lush rhythmic passages (reminds me of King’s X) and then to return to the elevator smooth jazz sounds once again. However, after listening to the whole song, the tune seems to have two themes going on within... Jazz / Rock, hell I don’t know how to label this stuff any more. I think the rock side of this song is the release from the tension that the Jazz side creates. Another masterpiece!

Dave says - “I wrote this song while I was going to the University of London. There's a row of guitar shops on a side alley named Denmark Street. It's actually right down the street from the Astoria where we filmed "Live at the Astoria" in 2001. I used to go there almost every day after classes to play around a bit. I would sit and play the F#major7 to C# bendy drone riff over and over. My friend that was working in the store said he's heard it so much, that one day when I wasn't in there.. He could've sworn he heard it being played... must have been a ghost.”

Tourmaline: Dave – everything

I love the light sounding percussive string play in the background while the bellsy lead lines create a majestic sound to the arrangement. I envision soaring high above in sky’s of azure, while the great wide open rolling plains of the mid-west revolve by underneath. And, all the while, gliding down and across the top of wild stallions running through a sea of transcendent golden grassland swaying in the breeze with every sweep of god’s majestic hand. The Acoustic playing is top-notch. If you like bands like Acoustic Alchemy or even Andreas Vollenweider, you’ll enjoy this for sure. Dave can write ‘em!

"Just a few more observations after living with your CD for a week or so. I think Steve Vai should be a little worried about you and your music. It really is top-notch! What really amazes me is the tastefulness in the playing and structure of the songs. All strength to you and your music, Dave, and I can't wait until the your next CD." - Dr Anil Sahal – UK (Fan Review)

Shove The Sun Aside (the song) - Dave - Guitars, Steve Wilson - Drums, Graeme Rappaport – Bass

Acid Beats and hip-phonic guitar wanking… Now let’s bring in a cacophony of guitar antics. Next, Dave’s delves into some ol’ school Satriani ‘Not of this Earth’ type playing and then onto some Santana, Los Lobos latin grooves. Dave is all over the place on this. From Little Stevie Vai wanking antics to straight rock pentatonic lead playing. I hear everyone from Queen to Styx to Rush… Yeah… This guy is really scary!

I recommend Shove The Sun Aside to any devoted guitar fan. Dave is a monster guitar player and really knows how to create moods that leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. I give Dave’s CD an easy “10” PERIOD!!!

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