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Guitar Mag. calls Carl one of the “Top 10 Guitar Players in the World”..... Recently interviewed Supertramp guitarist Carl Verheyen at his home studio. Carl recently completed his new CD Trading 8s which features such A-List Players as Steve Morse, Joe Bonamassa, Albert Lee, Scott Henderson and more. In this interview Carl talks about guitar, gear, touring, his new CD etc. with David Caris. If you are into guitar, you have to see this great footage. You get to see how the best guitar players are sometimes the nicest people too.

CD Review - Carl Verheyen’s - Trading 8’s by Scott Thomas

Featuring guest guitar solos by Joe Bonamassa, Steve Morse, Robben Ford, Albert Lee, Rick Vito, and Scott Henderson. On keys we have Jim Cox and then the CVBand is Carl Verheyen - Guitar: Vocals - Dave Marrotta: Bass – Walfredo Reyes, JR. – Drums:

Song List:

1. Highway 27

2. Taxman

3. On Our Way

4. Constant As The Wind

5. Higher Ground

6. New Year’s Day

7. Henry’s Farm

8. Henry’s Farm (Part 2)

9. Country Girl

10. Eastern Steppes

“Remember the Alamo”

Well, well... What is this ??? Oh yeah, it’s Carl Verheyen’s NEW CD ‘Trading 8’s’... Man, I’ve been waiting for this CD to arrive in the mail w/ much eagerness... My anticipation has been building for a short while now, and here it is in my hands. My ears have been watering for some time now to hear Mr. Verheyen’s tantalizing tones, catchy rhythmic riffs, and tasty licks. And, since radio has forgotten what REAL music is, “this CD is a real treat”. As w/ Carl’s earlier outings, I know that I will be getting a quality production w/ great music on it every time.

First off, Carl’s recording style is just phenomenal. The tones he gets from his Strat are straight off truly amazing. The quality in the recordings are instantly evident w/ it’s overall warmness and captured sounds of today and yesterday. Of course creating these off beat, but catchy rhythmic hooks, advante’ arrangements, sonic atmospheres must come from years of playing with great Bands and Artists such as; SuperTramp, the BeeGees, John Fogerty, Christina Aguilera, Melissa Manchester, Miley Cyrrus, Leanne Rimes, and Glenn Frey from the Eagles. He has played on the Tonight Show with country music artists Tom Wopat and Shelby Lynn, and recorded a movie soundtrack with Dolly Parton and a few records with Cher. I think that qualifies him for the word “quality”.

I have been listening to the CD for several weeks now and I’m still enjoying it more and more w/ each listen. My best friend / childhood cousin came to town last week for a few days of stay here in the Music Capital of the World Austin Texas for some business. Being from New York, he wanted to go down to San Antonio to see the infamous Alamo and to check out S.A.’s well-known Riverwalk. So we chose a beautiful early evening to drive down to San Antonio from Austin (90 minutes max). The mid-spring weather was just perfect. My wife, cousin and I found ourselves crusin’ down Texas Highway IH-35 south listening to this wonderfully arranged CD ‘Trading 8’s. This CD is definitely perfect for short road trips. Carl’s music opens up like a highway to musical bliss. And yes, the music hits you in a different fashion when crusin’ 75 mph down the highway on pristine late afternoon watching the country side rollin’ by while spring flowers bloom along the highway’s edge, and all the while the bright red-sun gets bigger as it makes it slow descent into the Tejas hill country.

There are several songs on this fine compilation that are very reflective and others that are just fun like Carl’s version of the Beatles ‘Tax Man’. If you are into folks like Tom Scott, Larry Carlton, Little River Band, Little Feat, Steely Dan, Acoustic Alchemy, Brad Paisley, and Eric Johnson, then Carl Verheyen is your man for your next musical adventure.

As you read this review, you will notice that I will not sit here and breakdown each song like a ball game because this CD isn’t for breakin’ down or to be analyzed like that or in that fashion. This CD is being reviewed as a passive listener. This Album is just for pure listening and losing yourself in the muse ! Just fa-getta-bout-it, listen and drive.

However, you will find pop, rock, blues, fusionistic and jazzy compositions with flawless guitar playing of course. The guests on this album are each impeccable musicians in their own right. Let’s see... You have guest guitar solos by Joe Bonamassa, Steve Morse, Robben Ford, Albert Lee, Rick Vito, and Scott Henderson. Now c’mon, how can you go wrong w/ this line up ?

On the well thought out CD cover you have Carl sitting on a wooded stool playing his guitar. And in the foreground, you have another stool with a gold top Gibson Les Paul laying across it by itself with no player. Almost as if Carl Verheyen was inviting you to pick up the guitar and “Cut Some Heads” with him as they say in the blues business. As the Cd suggests: Trading 8’s – The art of alternating or trading eight bar phrases “TRADING 8’s” with another soloist while improvising. And once again, the Album design is inviting and warm too.

My highlights on this CD are “Taxman”, On our way, Higher Ground, New Year’s Day and Country Girl. I’m a sucker for pop songs and blues. However, I really dig all the tunes and my flavors change each time I listen to it. That’s just kind of how this album has grown on me. To round everything out, The results are an exciting, high energy blend of styles and tones complimented by the unique rhythm section of Dave Marotta and Walfredo Reyes, Jr.

If you are a guitar aficionado or just love to listen to new and electrifying music that puts chills up your spine and into the back of your mind, then this album is for you !!!

I give this CD 5 Starz across the board and recommend it for mass consumption !!!

Scott Thomas

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