Being a Successful Musician

"Many ways to improve your playing"

I think a great way to improve your playing is gain inspiration from recorded music. Listen to a great range of music and find something you really like a lot (or if you are already passionate about a particular style of music or band), learn songs and riffs by that band. It's so great when you can suddenly play the songs you love. Please see what my good friend Trev has to say about all this "Inspiration Stuff" - Scott Thomas

Being a Successful Musician

by Trevitte Brown

My name is Trevitte Brown, probably never heard of me. Most people just call me Trev. I am no star or even a money making musician, but I do consider myself a successful musician. I am able to make music that I enjoy listening to. To me that is what it is all about. You pick up your guitar or whatever instrument you play, and it makes you feel happy, not just holding it, but knowing that you are on the journey, to where the music takes you. For some it may be a world wide tour, to others a trip to the back porch.

"It does not matter, the music is a part of who you are, and always will be."

Some say it is a gift, a natural ability, and maybe it is, but it is a gift anyone can have if they desire it. Perhaps the desire is the real gift.The desire to make music. That desire is an ancient one. It was here in mankind from the very beggining, long before record company's and contracts and stardom.

So you may never make the billboards or go on a world tour. Does that mean music is less important to you? Does that mean you can't enjoy playing and performing and making music? It does not. A true musician realizes he is on a life long quest. Always learning, always trying to improve, but only for their own sake and the sake of the music. Once you come to terms with that then you are on the right track.

Anything and everything else that happens such as; you land a record deal, or get a paying gig, or write a top ten hit, is then just icing on the cake. It all starts with the desire, and you build on it from there. Succsess will come every day! When you learn your first chord, you taste it, then when you learn your first song, more succsess! so it goes, learn to appreciate each little thing. I record my music alone in a little tiny 10x10 room, and find myself smiling and enjoying the whole process, often times laughing out loud and talking to myself. I don't use loops, there is nothing at all wrong with using loops though mind you. To me it just skips the most important part which is playing an instrument. Some people use a combination of loops and instruments to make their music, others use nothing but loops or midi. It is all about making music, wether you use loops or not.

"The more you do it, the better you will be and you will find succsess in each step of the way. If you will remember that the pleasure of learning and making music is the real success."

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