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Barry Stagg – No More Mountians to Cross – Cashbox 2009

Well… Barry Stagg’s CD came to me in the mail today and I was in need of some good ol’ laid back story telling music to help bring my stress level down and put it back in check. After hearing the first two songs, I was hooked in for the rest of this wonderful CD.

Stagg has written and recorded songs for Gamma Records, United Artists, London Records and RCA. He has written film scores for documentaries, as well as numerous mini operas. He is well known for his world hit song “To Love Means to be Free” which was released on his “Green and Stagg” album in 1969 that won the Canadian Business Music Industry writing award.

I truly enjoy the flow and journey Barry takes us on with his beautifully descriptive and warm lyrics. His vocal are raspy but enticing, thought provoking and reflective. The music to each tune has been sculpted perfectly with wonderful string arrangements that keep you floating on air while he paints his musical pictures. Song no. 4 “No More Mountains to Cross” really got me… Making me ponder on my journey thru life thus far. Wow! Now I’m listening to Song 5 “The Candyman”.. Wow… I can hear some 70’s easy listening hit songwriting on this one… In the style of a modern day Gary Wright, , Little Riverband, Gerry Raferty, Little Feat and the likes… Brilliant Work !!!

From 1989 - Present, playwright-in-residence for the Nosco Academy of Theatre Arts. During that time over 60 musicals were written and composed, covering a wide range of themes.

Barry reminds me (vocals too) of so many great recording artists from the Boss, to Little Steven VanZant, Bruce Hornsby, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Woody Guthrie, Neil Diamond, Gordon Lightfoot, Harry Chapin, Bob Seger, Eric Clapton and some other greats…

In 2002 - 2003 Stagg was commissioned to write a 16 piece musical composition with lyrics entitled “Psalms from the Ark” for the ballet company centered at The Dance Center of Spruce Pine of North Carolina. In late 2004 he released his latest album titled “Slaughterhouse of Love”.

Lastly, Barry’s arrangements and production is top-notch and he can write music w/ the best of them and I’m the talkin’ legends. Song 7 “Ballad of the Carolina Theater” is one that stands out with its upbeat hoe-down feel… “You better hide the Jug Jed, here comes the sheriff now. !!!” Song 10 – “They lay your body down” really cuts to heart, soul, and spirit… Another one of my favorites.

I give this Album an Overall “5” for a moving and heartfelt musical collaboration…

Scott Thomas

'No More Mountains To Cross' by Barry Stagg (MP3 Download)