Ace Guitarist Rob Metz

Rob's music is a combination of many different genres in the Rock vein. You will hear rock, hard rock/metal, shred and jazz/fusion reflections.

Fantastic! Great guitar playing, great songs. I love your tone and your ideas are very refreshing. I love how your tunes breathe. The whole band is exceptional!! All the best.

Bill Box

I was rehearsing at Bill's house yesterday and we put your disc in. It is the first chance I had to hear it and it was great! Awesome job!!

Neil Zaza

(Fcb Mastering) : I am looking forward to working with you for many years. I like to surround myself with the best of the best.

F C Bester


Rob Metz

Ace guitarist Rob Metz started his musical journey at the age of 15. Encouraged by his mother, Metz was given a used Kramer Striker and tagged along with a buddy who was taking guitar lessons. By closely observing the instructor, Metz began to teach himself how to play spending hours playing along with his Iron Maiden records. Just six months later, Metz and his first band Aggressor, went on to win his high school’s Battle of the Bands contest.

“Playing the guitar is the purest language that I can use. It’s my way to express... to feel… to reach out and connect”

A major turning point in Metz’s career came some years ago from a friend who compared his sound to that of another virtuoso, Joe Satriani. Until that time, Metz had not been exposed to instrumental music. After purchasing a “Satch” record and discovering players such as Steve Vai among others, Metz realized that this was the genre of music that best suited his vision.

“When I record and perform, I get to share the fruits of my labor”

In 2006, Metz released his debut CD, Legion of Dreams, which introduced audiences to the new face of guitar oriented instrumental music. A personal album, Metz described it as “a voyage into mystic melody”, delivering a masterful blend of rock, bluesy experimentation, with a dash of industrial-strength shredding for good measure. Audiences were blown away as Metz took command of the stage during the 2007 promotion of Legion of Dreams performing in and around the Northeast Ohio area on primarily progressive rock bills. Metz staked his claim outright and deservedly so.

Metz’s follow up CD entitled, “Axis Shift” has beed released as of June 2008. It promises to continue the glorious ride of this virtuoso’s adventure.

“I appreciate and learn from what my students have to say”

Today, Metz is now the teacher. Widely respected for his ability to motivate and challenge, his students come to his Northeast Ohio studio to begin their musical journey.

"Whether live or recorded, Rob Metz is not to be missed!"

Lost in the Machine

Rob, I got your cd and it is simply amazing!! Great sound and production. You got a nice style a lot like Zaza or Satriani.. I think. I look forward to your next solo project. Thanks for the great cd.


Bruce from Kingdom Rock RadioWOW...Your music is amazing. Very talented guitarist and very well composed songs. Great work man. I can't wait to hear more songs. Rock on man!!!

Stephen Scoggins

Blown away.. Thanks So much..


"Rob covers the gamut here. Heavy riffs, sweet melodies, shredding leads and soulful interludes. The creative maturity in his song writing and musical structures shine brightly throughout. The variety of styles and tones on this CD make it well worth the price ."

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© 2008 Rob Metz

Rob Metz CD Review

Axis Shift

© 2008 Rob Metz (884501001106)

CD Review by Scott Thomas

1. Cosmic Ascension

2. Flying Machine

3. Desert Song

4. Empire Of The Moon

5. Ultraviolet

6. Eastern Wind

7. Primal Fire

8. Tradition

9. Dark Energy

10. Silver Feathers

Awhile back when I first started my guitar related website Guitarz, I went through MySpace looking for guitar guides for my site. Guitar playing is like a journey and I thought calling my writers / teachers ‘Guitar Guides’ would be neat. Anyway, I came across Rob Metz ‘s MySpace homepage and was really taken back by his awesome sound and breathtaking playing... So, I reached out to him...

The Review:

Rob's music is a combination of many different genres in the Rock vein. You will hear rock, hard rock/metal, shred and jazz/fusion reflections. While listening to Rob, I notice he likes to go right to the hook and melody line. I like that when listening to instrumental music. The hook and melody should be the vehicle for the song. I luv mind expanding music, as long as it has a beacon of light to come back too. Rob's music has those elements within. The neat thing is some of his songs get stuck in your head and you catch yourself later humming the riff to his melody lines. Another craze I like is Mr. Metz's outstanding guitar playing technique. There is not any wacking-off on this album... Only incredible wanking !!!

Cosmic Ascension – This song starts out very ambient with light-tronica keyboard swells & percussions... Very mechanical sounding and precise in nature... Now the song moves along with a kick-axe melody line and a poppin’ bass line that propels this tune like a runaway locomotive raging down the traxs ! What we have here is ‘pedal to the metal’ guitar rock. Rob uses his skillz wisely, not over doing it on his soloing skillz. He understands the word ‘taste’... On the other hand, he can play flash at the drop of a hat .... And, the maestro can go from Satch-Mo antics, to arpeggiated-runs like my hero Yngwie Malmsteen. His Ibanez tone is perfect for this kind of music. In the middle section of the song, Rob slows it down with some cool atmospheric / Floydian soloing. If this first tune is an example of what’s to come, I may find myself flying in a new blue dream.

Flying Machine – Talkin’ ‘bout flying and dreamz, I really like the droaning effect in the beginning and then the droning tone Rob uses on his lead lines. He employs his wah-pedal ‘modus operandi’ like no other. Rob enjoys making use of kool and unique sound-effects on his guitar muse. Once again, the song is thrusted to the fore by this busy little bee like keyboard vamp in the background mix. It really tickles the ears. The bass thumps along while keeping the groove tight and in sync. All the while, Rob shows off his melodious guitar rhythms and chops. This flying machine is in a very playful mood.

Desert Song – Wow... This is very Anathematic and Euro-sounding. I hear reflections of Yngwie, Paul Gilbert , etc. Another great name that comes to mind is Brian May of Queen. The last section of this killa piece is very dramatic and colorful. Almost bombastic... Wave that Flag Boyz. !!!

Empire Of The Moon – Very Arabic / Prussian in personality... The acoustic drums on this sound outstanding. I can picture that movie ‘300’ w/ the Spartans fighting the overwhelming force of Prussians. This would make great soundtrax music for the digitally enhanced fight scenes. The drums and bass sound very tight and make the song just rumble along nicely. Damn Rob ! Now he’s tearing it up. I like the way this young guitarists molds his motifs w/ flair and excitement. There is definitely a lot of soulful and melodic playing in this rock guitar alter.

Ultraviolet - Now this is definitely some fusional rock guitar... I like the eastern scale runs Rob uses in the solo lines. You have to watch your bearings and heading on this tune. Some of those dark clouds ahead have some shadowy elements in them. Better turn and sail to calmer waters. Rob’s ultraviolet soundz are heavy at times.

Years ago I was really heavy into this type of music... Guitarists like Satriani, Vai, and Malmsteen were the kings of this style and there has only been a few who have been successful and have followed suit. Rob's muse is right up there with these other incredible musicians. His sound is fresh and upbeat. Almost touches on the inspirational... It must be the keyboards in some of the tunes (reminiscent of Rush, Styx, early Journey, Genesis, and Yes). Rob is very creative with his song writing and arranging. And, this keeps his music fresh and ever changing with each song. Pop these tunes into your car's music player. However, don't play it until you’re out of the neighborhood. You don't want to speed and hit a pedestrian at a crosswalk.

Eastern Wind – My Favorite! And, calmer waters are where we meet again. I like the reflective but inspirational sounds and writing on this piece. Rob shows real feeling and emotional lead playing that will have goose bumps running up the back of your neck and out the top of your head. This reminds me of ala Eric Johnson’s inspirational vibes and flamboyance. If that’s your thing... Then, I’m for sure this CD is for you.

Primal Fire – Frank Zappa would be proud of this one I’m sure. The writing and arranging is top notch w/ horns and Funk Brother Rhythms. Yep ! Rob Metz can definitely pull out all the stops. I can see this tune being played at a big casino show in Vegas. It has those elements of big band arrangements and pro writing.

Tradition – Sad, reflective, and blue... However, the song also speaks to me saying that things will get better. You know, to have hope, faith and patience... I hear a Journey / Neil Schon type arranging / writing style here.... Fantastic !

Dark Energy – Man... I really dig these ambient grooves and then wham ! He just takes off into the heavens with his guitar driven and fire rapid guitar playing. If this song don’t have you bangin’ your head, then your DEAD .... I like the Ian Hammer synth induced dance, and Rob’s lead playing and cutting headz w/ the synth’s licks and riffs make for a fusionistic climax.

Silver Feathers – The good-bye song... The song is a fusiony flight between the planets of Melancholy and Valediction. Everything Rob does on this CD is first class and tastefully done.

STRONG 4 Starz+ The songs on this album are solid across the board... If guitar playin’ is yo’ thang, then this CD is a ‘must have’ for your ‘on the road again, ridin’ shotgun collection of music. You never know when you’ll need to fly !

Robs Official Website: Click Here