Winchester Rebels


Winchester Rebels - Three Sheets to the Wind

I'm sitting here listening to another great album called “Three Sheets to the Wind". This is now my 4th full listening. Man 'o' man... Let me tell ya... This is one fine hard rock album.

If you’re into 90's hard rock music in the likes of Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Guns and Roses, then I know you are going to rock out to this for sure. Not to say this doesn't sound new and fresh because it does. The production is top-notch and the talented vocalist Nick Hunt's radio friendly hard rock pipes are energy driven, dynamic, and enjoyable on the ears. He makes you feel the music.

I know I'm going to show my age here, but this band also reminds me of a couple late 70's bands too... One is called April Wine and another is a band called Lover Boy. This is a good thing. Both groups were multi-platinum selling bands. However the impeccably written songs on "Three Sheets to the Wind" are wide and varied. There is not one bad song on this fantastic aural self-released outing.

Song Titles - Total Length: 42:14

1. Private Angel 2. Snake 3. Loaded Gun 4. Flying 5. Flying (Radio Version) 6. Dinning With Devils 7. Down

8. Johnny 9. Silence

10. Taste of Hell 11. Desolate

Parting Shot: If you like hard rock music period, then download your copy of Winchester Rebel - Three Sheets to the Wind today. Come and get your "Blast from the Past". You know, when you use to have to hitch-hike to the concert venue walk'n bare-footed up hill both ways in 2 ft of snow. Put your fist in the air and just RAWK like You now how !!! HOW ???