Tribal Tech X

Tribal Tech X

Scott Henderson Tribal Tech X CD Review by Scott Thomas

2012 release from Fusion pioneers, Tribal Tech. X documents the latest musical journey of this revered Jazz Fusion super group, known for their complex arrangements and phenomenal solo interplay.

Now what do we have here? I just received from the illustrious Shrapnel Records-Group a NEW Tribal Tech CD “X” by the very talented Scott Henderson, Gary Willis, Scott Kinsey and Kirk Covington and let me tell ya… You better buckle in nice and tight and expect to be sonically tossed around a bit. If you are a fan of phenomenal progressive instrumental jazz fusion, then you have to look no more. “BINGO!!!” You’ve come to the right place. Scott Henderson and his compadres are back together once again to put the letter “I” back in the word “Innovation”. The first two songs “Mech X” and “Got Faith ‘N Phat” will give you a good idea of what each one of these critically acclaimed cool catz can musically muster-up.

As the album moves forward, you feel yourself getting into more impressive beats and sonic vibes. The level of musicianship is simply mind-expanding to say the least. This is one those CDs you could listen to a dozen times and you’ll hear it different each and every time. There are many different vibrations on this fine production, from smooth contemporary jazz to virtuosic cosmic resonance guitar playing and beyond. The song “Anthem” gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. The guitar playing is fluid, but yet flawless. Man, these musicians are simply a cut above. They gel like homemade Jam… Pure S-s-swweeeeetness !!!

The members of Tribal Tech have once again thrown convention out the window and entered the studio without a set list of heavy arrangements. Instead, each member brought musical sketches to the table and they turned on the tape machines and bravely set out to play together as a unit. And, to sonically seek out and boldly go where no man has gone before. Another tune I like is the expertly named song “Palm Moon Plaza”. This composition takes you there and back without much effort. As for the rest of this remarkably produced album, I must say it has evoked emotions within me I thought I never had. Tribal Tech X has this groovy synergistic energy illuminating off of each free-flowing composition.

Parting Shot across the Bow: Pure Unadulterated Inspiration !!!

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Tribal Tech X
by: ScottHenderson

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