The Jeff Carlson Interview

The Jeff Carlson Band takes me back to the days of old school “Heavy Metal” and the great “Hair Bands”of the 80’s and 90’s. With an incredible mix of entertaining showmanship and kickass “Rock and Roll”, make this band one of our favorites. ~ Dark STORM Press

The band has a brand new full length album entitled “Yesterday’s Gone,” that will feature the great Mark Slaughter on lead guitar on a remake of Journey’s “LaDoDa.” The album will be releasing the first single entitled “Fire” which will be out March 19th of 2021.

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The Jeff Carlson Interview >>> 

Scott - Hey Jeff, I hope you and the band are well considering all that is going on in the world these days. How are you and the band doing considering the COVID pandemic? 

Jeff - We're doing great actually Scott, thanks for asking! We basically were going to release another new E. P. but when Covid hit we decided to make a new full length record. We just really took our time writing and detailing all the songs to make sure we were really happy and proud of it at the end of the day! 

Scott - Give our readers a short description of your style of music, who is in the band and who are the band's biggest influences to date. 

Jeff - We write music that we put our hearts into that moves us. Our influences are from Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, Journey, Kiss, bands from the 70s and 80s because all of our influences wrote from the heart and made music that moved people. The current lineup is: Jeff - Lead Vocals, Rythem Guitar, Robbie Wolfe - Lead Guitar and Back-Up Vocals, Cory Kay - Bass Guitar, and Todd Turgeon - Drums

Scott - Give us an overview what the band did last year in reference to any new music and or videos during the lock down. 

Jeff - We filmed a livestream last year that was actually just aired on Bravewords, as well as wrote and recorded the new record. We just filmed our new video for our new single called "Fire" that will be released on RFL Records on March 26th! Our new record "Yesterday's Gone" will also be released on RFL Records on April 23rd! 

Scott - Do you have any new music planned soon?

Jeff - Yes! March 26th we drop our new single "Fire" and April 23rd we drop our first full length record "Yesterday's Gone"! 

Scott - Is your band into the social networking and working twitter, Instagram, Facebook, FB Live, and building an online fan base? Give us some activities that you are doing right now to get the word out about your music and brand. 

Jeff - Yes, we are definitely networking all major media sites, and we also have a fan club page on Facebook called "JCB Army" as well as a Patreon page! We have all of our links on our website at 

Scott - Is there anything else close to your heart that you would like to cover that was missed in this short interview? 

Jeff - I just wanted to thank you Scott for having me, as well as our label RFL Records, my manager Nolan Hodges at MK Music and Robbie, Cory, Todd and my wife who without her support this all wouldn't be possible! Most of all you guys- our friends who support us because without you we have nothing! We hope to be playing again really soon and hope to see you guys out on the road! God bless! JCB 


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