The Shadows Compendium

"Stéphan Forté is undoubtedly one of the most innovating virtuoso of the new generation. With influences ranging from Bartok to Meshuggah, his musical landscape could be described as such: modern virtuosity meets deep sensibly, both evolving within darkest musical corners."

The Shadows Compendium - CD Review by Scott Thomas ~ Instrumental Guitar

Ok… I’m strapped in, locked and loaded. Here we gooooo….

Oh yeah! I’m pulling some g-forces nooooowww!!!

Step Right Up Folks and Board the “Shred-A-Rolla”… That’s right, the fastest roller- coaster in the world… Zero to 100 mph in the blink of an eye. Now playing, THE SHADOWS COMPENDIUM by the neo-classical virtuoso guitarist Stephan Forte’. Soooo hold on tight!!! ‘Cause where she stops, nobody knoooooows….

The first song from this meticulously produced album from Listenable Records is the first tune called “The Shadows Compendium”, which is deep and dark sounding with mysterious resonance under tones. In your mind’s eye, this music will have you soaring in no time over the sinister lands of Oblivion.

The music propels you into mystical sounding worlds of shadowed moonlights, black onyx and numinous ravens. The second song “De Praestigiis Daemonum” is another monster guitar assault on the brain’s equilibrium. Once again, the music here is emotive, theatrical and just merely mind-bending at times.

Stephan is not new to the metal scene by far. His main gig is that of being the guitarist of the infamous progressive neo-classical metal band Adagio since their fist album titled “Sanctus Ignis” in 2001. So yeah, he’s been around, slightly underground and has got some mileage under his belt too. If you don’t believe me, just do a Google search of his name? He’s getting exposure everywhere “metal”.

Ok now… Onward through the fog!!! I’m sitting hear listing to “Spiritual Bliss”… If this tune doesn’t make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, then you’re most likely a one-eyed zombie and the dead don’t count. Stephan’s tone and playing style is stimulatingly exciting, dynamic, and full of twisting shadowy turns to include a few tickly Loop-Da-Loops along the way. Caution! Keep your hands and arms inside the sonic roller-coaster car. More hard turns ahead!!!

“Duat” is another crown jewel w/ guest guitarist extraordinaire Glen Drover / ex-Megadeth. Now this is the epitome of Instrumental Metal. Wow!!! The musicianship and compositional writing on this is supreme. And, Supremacy RULES!!!

“Very pale, and walking unsteadily, she emerged from the darkness of the duat.”

Track listing:

1. The Shadows Compendium

2. De Praestigiis Daemonum

3. Spiritual Bliss

4. Duat

5. Sorrowful Centruroïde

6. Prophecies of Loki XXI

7. I Think There's Someone in the Kitchen

8. Improvisation on Sonata No. 14 in C# Minor, Op. 27 No. 2

The rest of this album follows suit with the first half always keeping you feeling like you’re getting close to flying over the edge and any given moment.

Parting Shot across the Bow: Every song on this captivating compendium catalogs something fascinating, surprising, and unexpected. I highly recommend this Album for “Those About to SHRED.”

Stephan Forte' - The Shadows Compendium