The Gundacker Project

The Gundacker Project - "Plug Me In"

CD Review by Scott Thomas

The Gundacker Project "Plug Me In" is blasting out of my speakers as I sit here writing this new album review and let me tell you that I just got a blast from the past of reminiscing déjà-vu. My past-life experiences just flashed before my very eyes. I have been awakened by the thunderous music of my sonic youth. The bloom of innocence and adolescence came uncontrollably bubbling up like a geyser and spewing melodic metal everywhere. The music has taken me back in time to that early period and very animated part of my history. Talked about being "plugged in"... Now this is what good music is all about!!!

The first song "Plug Me In" is an energetic straight ahead rocker laced w/ bouncy keyboards, a memorable chorus, catchy lyrics, and good nature'd vocals galore. The next tune "Magazine" is highly melodic with imaginative writing and injects passion and vitality. "Your Love Lights Up The Sky" sounds attractive here and Timothy Bednarz’s voice is animated and vivacious. I also dig the backing vocals by the multi-talented Megan Gluhan. David Gundacker’s slick intro rhythm guitar and lead solo on this track is full of pinch harmonics with tasty hot memorable fast licks. Track number four "You’re My Infection" is an infectious and exciting power pop jam that is full of vibrancy with glorious power chords and melodic keyboards abound.

"They Burned The Innocent" comes out of gate strong with it's beating staccato guitar playing all the while setting the cadence for the story telling lyrics. This tune sets a high water mark for the album overall. The blistering lead break is absolutely stellar. Again, Tim and Megan's vocal harmonies are to die for. “WIN! The Bass Maiden’s” hammering bass and Craig Martin’s thunderous drums also provide a strong and tight rhythm section. Next, we have the tune "See The World" with a compelling keyboard induced theme, dense rockosity, and a slamming string section. "Running In Night" is another jewel in the rough. This tune soars on the wings of eagles. Again, the music is expressive and a spanking rocker with a memorable chorus. Gundacker's guitar break is hard riveting and inspiring to say the least.

Now here we are with "That Look In Your Eye" track number eight and there is no sign of slowing down. This is one relentless hard driving genesis. "I'm Gonna Find You" is a soulfully sleek vibration that turns up the heat a little hotter for the next effervescent heavy thump and run of a song "Live Or Die".

Oh Yes! There is even a bonus track to leave us with good fortune. The last tune "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya" is the final installment of this tailor made revolution of hard rock music leaving you with a thirst for more…

In closing, the musicianship, songwriting, and production are all quite impressive. The music pushes the envelope of hair metal extravaganza and makes you feel alive. If you like a healthy dose of lyrical melodic hard rock music, with heavy harmonies, monster riffage, sonically aggressive lead solos, and earth shaking rhythms, then this is your slice of the pie in the sky. I highly recommend this album for those glam hair metal lovers out there. You won’t be disappointed!

*** Note *** The last track is a cover song from the band New England. It is a 1979 FM era 'hit' produced by Paul Stanley. That is why the song is called a *Bonus Track*