Strunz & Farah’s new studio recording, Tales of Two Guitars, is the latest chapter in the continuing story of the two virtuoso guitarists who have created an original and enduring body of guitar music. Rhythmic and colorful, and recorded with 11 guest musicians, Tales is a musical storybook of a fully evolved style of playing and composing which has been highly influential among guitarists everywhere. The new recording has 13 original pieces, full of contrasts both compositionally and instrumentally, ranging from rhythmic to romantic to jazz, incorporating in varying degrees their classic mix of Latin, Middle Eastern and Jazz influences. Available on Amazon.com Strunz & Farah now have an official YouTube channel. We will be uploading more videos in the future.

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Strunz & Farah "TALES OF TWO GUITARS" Music Review by Scott Thomas

When I was 20 years old many eons ago, a good friend of mine unbeknownst to me was a big “Jazz Kat” so to speak. I would marvel at his collection of music because it was musicians and bands I was unfamiliar with. You know... Real musician's musicians. I kind of got the sense that the music was way beyond me and my years. I was a rock / pop kind of guy. I grew up on fm radio playing the greatest hits of the time. I knew who Edward Van Halen was and who Ted Nugent was but I didn't know who these other jazz guitar players were. In his collection I would see recording artists like Chick Corea, Larry Carlton, George Benson, John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck, Paco DeLucia, Al Di Meola and others. One day he gave me a few of his albums to listen to and I remember hearing Al Di Meola's "Elegant Gypsy"  for the first time. It was like someone peeled back the veneer over my ear drums and I heard music differently for the first time. I knew instantly I had been missing out sonic-ally for years and now here I find a diamond in the rough.

Moving forward 25 years... I have been struck by lighting a second time. I am sitting here listening to a beautifully recorded album that is fused together with two dancing acoustic guitars mixed in with Smooth Jazz trimmings, Latin folk dances, and Afro-Latin fusion. There is also some World music, Middle Eastern, and Brazilian influences as well. And lastly, Jazzy Caribbean rhythms melodies and percussions.

The first song Butterfly Wing is an acoustic romp through lands of musical azure. I see white beaches surrounded by bright blues indigo seas. The music instantly reflects the two masters Strunz and Farah's remarkable chops and capabilities in this astounding set of compositions. They have extraordinary articulation and sheer speed at the same time can leave you floating lightly in space with their harmonic sensibilities. This first song leaves you energized and in awe of the breathtaking talent presented. 

Next up, is the romantically written tune Belero #3. The melancholy tune has reflective qualities with old country musings of the past. I can see a WW 1 Soldier sitting in a dark muddy trench looking at the worn sepia picture of his girlfriend, all the while pining and yearning for her and longing to be reunited. Listening to the melody line, you can almost hear what he would lament to his loved one by the way the music speaks directly to the listener's heart. 

El Regalito - The Little Gift is a lifting Latin folk tune. I can see the young Dancers spinning and going to and fro moving together and apart, changing places all the while keeping romantic eye contact. The music is light-hearted, stunning and innovative.

Now we fly over the Peaks of Alborz... This music has that Middle Eastern vibe. The Alborz is a legendary mountain range in northern Iran has some of the highest peaks in the world. Alborz Mountains runs from west to east along the entire southern coast of the Caspian Sea. The mountains have some of the best hiking trails as well best ski resorts in the world. In my mind's eye, the music gives you colorful vistas and landscapes. Wow! I had no idea what was possible on the guitar.

Vision Vine is soul food for the mind and has an Afro-Latin fusion sound to it. The melody line is vivacious and alive.

Aire Caribeo - Caribbean Aire - Caribbean style music that creates a background/ambiance that is relaxing and enjoyable. The melody sounds stupendous and puts me in an island state of mind! I can almost smell the ocean and and feel the humid-warm breeze on my face. This is definitely one of those albums I would take to a deserted island. 

The next musical creation is a short segue Cirrus with contemplative qualities. This is also great relaxing music that can cheer up a listener.

Firoozeh - Turquoise has this medieval sound to it. In my mind's eye, I see antiquity... old stone castles, Kings & Queens, dancing court Jesters and the like. The music is very playful.

If you like progressive jazz fusion, then Two Moods may be your cup of tea. I really like the celebration of the flute frolicking in and out of the mix. The percussion's are tight and giving much class to the recording. The guitars sounds are pristine and very illuminating.

The rest of the music (4 more songs) are really great for relieving stress. I love the music and could listen to it all day long. This is a great album to have on in the background with more than enough to keep your ears perked up. The sound is so full and diverse. There is a nice balance between the highlighted strings and percussion. The song Vals Tico reminds me of the music that was played in the old Saturday Matinee mischievous Charlie Chaplin flicker movies of yesteryear. The complexity of Strunz and Farah's work is truly astounding. If you have ever seen those alluring paintings by Michael Angelo in the Sistine Chapel, they tell a story. Same goes for those magnificent paintings in the Palace of Versailles. Again, they tell a story. This is how Strunz and Farah's music does... The music tells an enchanting story without any words.  The talented dynamic duo blends different musical sounds all the while providing a nice eclectic mix for your listening pleasure.


   Butterfly's Wing 4:34 
   Bolero #3 3:42 
   El Regalito - The Little Gift 3:34 
   Peaks of Alborz 5:40 
   Vision Vine 4:32 
   Aire Caribeo - Caribbean Aire 4:54 
   Cirrus 1:22 
   Firoozeh - Turquoise 4:48 
   Two Moods 6:29 
   En Los Montes - In the Hills 4:15 
   Clavo y Canela - Cloves and Cinnamon 5:15 
   Vals Tico 3:11 
   Carara 5:23 

Shot Across the Bow:

The Standard for All Others… Delicious Music for the soul !!!

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Strunz & Farah now have an official YouTube channel. We will be uploading more videos in the future.

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