Silent Assassin


Curt Shaw “Silent Assassin" CD Review by Scott Thomas

I’ve just a received another CD for reviewing and by the Album cover’s cleverly imaginative artwork, I’m anxious to see what we have here for a listen…

The first song “Bridge to Nowhere” starts off with some nicely played acoustic guitar in the Baroque style of long ago. The instruments used were recorded very well and I like the way Curt doubles the intricately played melody lines. I also hear allot of counter-melodies interwoven into the aural fabric. Did Maestro Shaw play a twelve string on this I wonder? The acoustic intro is met with a battle cry for Metal. The heavy anathematic percussive beginning with its heavy crunch-soak guitar and slamming bass pounding out every hard-hitting syncopated beat tells you quickly you’re in Shred-Ville. Who said shred was dead anyway? Off with their Heads I Say!!!

There is no doubt after listening to the first few tracks that Curt is a master at his craft. His songwriting explores all the areas of those esoteric luminous lands and sonically paints shadowy colors of another time and mystic place. The beautifully written classical tune “Carriages” is one of my favorites. While listening, I keep get'n faint glimpses of Randy Rhoads in my mind’s eye. I can’t help but wonder how far Randy would have taken his acoustic classical-guitar playing had he lived on.

The rest of the CD is carefully mixed and balanced out w/ metal, shred, and highlights of rock music as in the tune “The Strange Trip”. There some nice rock pentatonic guitar soloing on it in the style of Jimmy Page… Like with the jam “Return of the Samurai”. The guitar solo and percussions on this will slice and dice you like chop-suey. Caution though, while listening to this tune please take your nitroglycerin pill to reduce the chance of having a heart attack. The tune “Pursuit of Happiness” has a little touch of that Van Halen good time feely sound to it with the guitar / keyboard sounding interplay. However, Mr. Shaw definitely keeps it on the heavy side. The album ends with some good ol’ fashion and brilliantly played acoustic guitar bluegrass type finger-picking with the song “Blue Mule”. Take me the Delta…

"Overall, the music is a melodious and forthright. There is plenty of emotion and creativity to go around here. Curt Shaw will mesmerize you with his world of lightning fast, neoclassical guitar playing and Baroque-esque metal soundz."

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