SNEW Whats it to Ya

SNEW "What's It To Ya" CD Review

Did someone motion "four on the floor, no-holds-barred, pure unadulterated loud and crunchy rock and roll !!!" ??? If so, I think I'll 2nd, 3rd and 4th that motion...

I'm sit'n here listening to the ridiculously snickering juvenile, tongue-in-check of a bunch called SNEW. Their loud, sinister, black-eye bar music will have you hop'n around like a bi-polar kat on a hot tin roof... The music is simply put "INFECTIOUS". Curtis Don Vito's raspy vocals and atrociously sinister screams fit the music like a pair of leather-tight racing gloves. All the while, surgically weaving those mischievous, malevolent and just down right lethal lyrics in out of the music like a heroic army surgeon's scalpel under fire. Steady as she goes boyz...

This is SNEW's Third Album to date. The CD was tracked at Redondo Beach, CA’s Total Access Recording Studio with the help of producer Bobby Owsinski and engineer Ken Scott.

Owsinski, a pioneer in the art of surround sound music mixing, is a respected author, speaker and music industry advisor whose production credits include projects for Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young and Chicago. Owsinski also produced SNEW’s much-praised debut Snew You (2008) and We Do What We Want (2010).

“Bobby is a guru in the music recording industry,” says lead singer Curtis Don Vito. “He’s a master at capturing that raw high energy sound that defines SNEW. We’re really fortunate to have him on this project.”

Ken Scott is a legendary engineer/producer who has recorded many of rock’s seminal albums, including The Beatles’ White Album, David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars and Supertramp’s Crime of the Century.

"Ken is truly a wizard when it comes to getting great drums sounds, and any other sound for that matter,” says drummer Mark Ohrenberger. “I've never heard my drums sound so amazing in the studio.”

And believe me when I tell ya, this album's production is top-notch to say the least. The musicianship, creativity and overall vibe is exciting and fun. The guitars tones are spot on and they sound HUGE too...

Parting Shot: So yeah, I would crawl over a mile of broken guitarz to hear SNEW play through an old Army field-phone. This band has the petrol, and the mileage... All they need now is their own circus tent and a long and winding road filled with many horizons of screaming loyal fans. And, I'm definitely on the way. I guess I better start hitch-hiking now.

5 Starz Out of 5