Recording Artist Julian Fulco Perron Interview

Recording Artist Julian Fulco Perron Interview

Scott - Hi Julian, thank you for agreeing to do this written interview w/ me and my readers. Tell us a little about yourself, where you are from and why the music business.

Julian - I am an American singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Denver, Colorado. I am also known as the lead singer and keyboard player of Denver rock band 21 Taras; who could have been seen headlining the Bluebird Theater in January of 2020. Fulco-Perron debuted a solo release on July 11th, 2020 entitled ‘Dreamland’.

Scott - Please give my readers a short description of your style of music and songwriting.

Julian - On ‘Dreamland’ I lean fully into lush, beautiful, and disorienting psychedelia. The genre-fluid sensibilities of 21 Taras (who are currently on an indefinite hiatus) remain, but the edges are rendered softer. Dreamland is a virtuosic and arrestingly visual concept album that traces its way through the order and disorder of his dreams.

Scott - Who are some of your musical influences and which one of these influences stand out the most when it comes to influencing your own songwriting?

Julian - I’m highly influenced by 60s and 70s music of all genres really. It will vary from release to release, but all usually revolves around that time period. I think music was made differently then. It was more raw. Guys like Todd Rundgren for instance.

For the single I just put out; “Long Time a Comin’”; I’m exploring an entirely different sound for my music. It’s more influenced by guys like Herbie Handcock, Michael Jackson and Thundercat. There’s a bit of guitar work, as you would hear in those disco tracks but mostly a keyboard driven tune with some of my vintage 70s synths I have; like my Crumar Performer from 1979, Yamaha PSR-36, Moog model D, ARP Odyssey and a Fender Rhodes.

Scott - What instruments do you play and what is your "go to" instrument for writing a song?

Julian - My go to instrument changes based on the project and song really. Lots of times it ends up being the piano because of how versatile it can be. I’ll typically write a keyboard part for something first as a demo, and it could even end up being the last thing to get recorded for the actual track. But it usually ends up being a good place to start.

Scott - Who are you listening to these days and what hooked you to the music and that band's or recording artist's online brand / presence?

Julian - I’ve been listening to a lot of original disco tunes and more experimental funk. Trying to find a way to blend the two. So guys like Herbie Handcock and Thundercat who are heavily influenced by Jazz, and blending that with more classical guys like Paul McCartney’s 80s records and guys like MJ. I’m drawn to anything from that time period and it automatically warrants a listen.

Scott - Tell us of any recent music and or videos you have released and what are your musical goals on 2021.

I have a new video in the works for my new single “Long Time a Comin” that will be coming out in the Spring this year. It’s going to be my most experimental and funky video yet.

But in the meantime, I’d like to share my latest video with your readers. It’s a video I made by manipulating 16mm film. I actually hand painted the film, as well as bleached it, scratched it and even burned it somewhat. I’ve been playing a lot with experimental filmmaking and this was my first video of the sorts.

Scott - Thanks for all you do Bro...

Artwork by Scott Thomas

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