Prashant Aswani Visions CD Review

Prashant Aswani Visions CD Review

by Prashant Aswani
Instrumental Rock Guitar featuring Incubus drummer Jose Pasillas II.
Produced and written by Prashant Aswani
Genre: Rock: Instrumental Rock
Release Date: 2012

CD Review by Scott Thomas

Ya know when it comes to instrumental rock guitar music it takes a lot to get me excited these days. There are so many wanna-bees out there that you have to wade through a ton of instrumental guitar cds to find one diamond in the rough. I get so tired and bored with the mindless wanking that I think if I had to choose between instrumental guitar music or disco, I’d choose the later. Say what??? Everybody wants to be the next Yngwie Malmsteen, or Joe Satriani and most die on the starting line trying. Don't get me wrong, there are a small handful of new instrumental git-fiddlers out there that have peeked my interest but they are far and few. However, one instrumental guitarist out there that grabs my attention and holds on to it for more then a song or two is an awesome and virtuosic recording artist named Prashant Aswani. This guy is wonderfully unpredictable with his clever arrangements and imaginative soloing. He meshes stinging rock-fusion with brooding, edgy, and at times elegiac string arrangements and energetic rhythms. The hallmark of Prashant's style is his melodic fearlessness.

The first song "Your Call" is a prolific and endearing performance. The beats are infectious and definably touch the realms of guitar aficionadom. The next track "Boiling Point" starts off with a sinister dark riff and then opens up with a nice daydream melody line and then deliberately regresses back to that shady groove once again. The guitar effects he uses on the riff are from the dark side of moon. Prahsant's vibe here is instantly recognizable and is almost devoid of clichés. The main riff and main melody line seem to pull and tug at each other which make for much tension and release in the music.

Prashant Aswani is an expressive and skillful axe wielder currently based in Los Angeles, California (U.S.A.) who represents his playing style as indian rock fusion. His most utilized guitars are made by ESP. Aswani has been playing guitar since 1987, and straight from the shoulder divulges his career objective, "To be a recording artist and producer."

The next tune "Trapped" is laid back, mood altering and hypnotizing to the listener. What a prolific and endearing performance we have here. Lastly, there is some subtle coloring of Hendrix too. Moving forward, the next track "Crispy"  exudes beauty, elegance, raw power and an upbeat drive. The raved up fusion quality of this track is infectious.

As a composer, his music often mixes heavy riffs and tones with a deep harmonic vocabulary to create a sonic landscape that appeals to broad audience. And with his well-honed chops that combine a legato approach with hybrid-picking (a right hand technique where the pick and fingers are used together), Aswani can peel off incredible runs with ease while still navigating through tough chord changes. He’s also a busy guy, having numerous session, sideman, and producing credits under his belt, in addition to his solo recordings. ~ The Guitar Channel

"The Other Side" is a funk, fusion; jazz romp through the land of Oz. Aswani uses his guitar voice so effectively on this muse with kool hooks, variety of tones and mucho intensity. Great transcendent music for sure. "Motivated to Run" features astonishingly impeccable musicianship and Prashant shines here with majestic guitar mastery that is hypnotizing to the listener.

Prashant Aswani has got it together as only a top-notch modern fusion player can. On any given track one can find odd-time signatures, killer tone, engaging melodic interplay, ear-grabbing harmonic movement and above all, a solid groove. ~ Guitar International

Oh boy, "Brain Burn"  shows off impeccable chops and structured improvisational qualities of the highest order. Fastidious and phenomenal!!! "Nerve Dance" is simple beauty and pure passion with funktasticly fused chops. The next song "Left of Center" experiments with heavy rock sounds mixing flamboyant, extrapolated string bending with succinct, unprecedented lead lines and soloing all the while showing off impeccable chops and structured improvisational qualities.

The next vibe "Jaya" is very poetic and warms the heart like a bottle of red wine. The music will accentuate every beat of a lover's heart. "Another Chance" is fresh and innovative with smart arresting arrangements in which Prashant’s creativity shines. And now we come to the final vibration called "Glimmer"... This tune is full of soul with introspective qualities.

Parting shot across the bow: Tasty, soulful with gripping burst of speed that comes ripping through at the right moments giving you an indescribable rush. Prashant Aswani is an incredibly talented innovative guitar player with music that takes you places. He is a highly innovative guitarist with a distinct sound. His compositions will definitely expand your musical horizons and beyond. So go get your copy TODAY !!!