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MoeTar Music - From These Small Seeds CD Review by Scott Thomas

You know, every once in awhile a band comes along that when you hear them for the first time, all kinds of other "like" bands come to mind. However, the strange thing is that at the very same time, I also have an epiphany that this band sounds like no one else I've heard before... I know, strange huh? Let me introduce you to Magna Carta Records' New debut band MoeTar "From These Small Seeds"...

Moetar are Moorea Dickason - Lead Vocals, Tarik Ragab - Bass, Matthew Charlea Heulitt - Guitar, Matt Lefobsky - Keyboards and Dave Flores - Drums. As I listen to this avante garde' cutting edge music, I am drawn to the dissident sounds of jazz and fusion music like a moth drawn to a flame. The collage of sounds is elaborate and mosaic to say the least. The musicianship is multiplexed with odd meters, contrasted chord-structures, and multifarious melody lines. Miss Dickason's clever vocals will give you a myriad of colors and emotions. Other musical allusion that come to mind are sonic-shakers like Stevie Wonder, Frank Zappa, Chicago, Genesis and the Beatles. My favorite song is "Dichotomy". The tune is so fresh sounding and new.

Parting Shot Across the Bow: If you have a penchant for prog, pop, rock, electronica and experimental music. Then I highly recommend a huge dose of MoeTar.

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