Martone Clean

Date: 2010

Artist Name: Dave Martone

Genre: Extreme Progressive Instrumental Guitar

Title: Martone Clean

Record Company: Magna Carta Records

Well... I'm once again I'm lucky e'nuff to be sitting here with recording artist Dave Martone's NEW CD Martone CLEAN. First off, before I even listen to this CD, I know the production of this muse is going to be first rate and most likely some of the best recorded guitar soundz and tonez I've heard in a while. I've been following Dave's career for several years now and I must say that this is one buzy talented kat on the instrumental guitar music scene.

The CD's cover artwork is pretty kool w/ the sepia World War battlefield panorama w/ electric guitarz and necks strewn about and sticking out of all the battle infested debris. And there's Martone in the middle of ground zero, head thrown back, mouth wide open, all the while hit'n that one perfect clean note in the mist of all the metal carnage...

Dave Martone's "The Goodie Squeegee Song" is the first song right out of the headphones that comes at U with a satirical melody line about this little squiggee he uses on the neck of his guitar while playing. The squiggee is used to help dampen any unplayed guitar strings at all times... There's a cool video on U tube of this song live. Go check it out when time allowz.

"Nail Grinder "- Now here's a tune that will turn your head... And guess what? Joe Satch-mo Satriani collaborates on this tune takin' the 1st solo spot. I must say that there is more twist and turns on this then on a tasty red liquorish stick. The tune in parts is reminiscent of U2s the Edge sound reverb-thingy he does there, and it all comes off nicely w/o a hitch. Great job fellaz...

Martone has played, hosted clinics or performed with 3 Doors Down, Steve Morse, Jennifer Batten, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Seymour Duncan, Greg Howe, Joe Satriani and drum greats Chester Thompson, Mike Portnoy, Greg Bissionet and Gene Hoglan. Martone’s record "Clean" is released by Magna Carta Records from NY with world wide distribution. The amazing Daniel Adair (drummer for Martone ) who also plays with Nickelback as well as David Spidel were integral in the making of this album! Special guests on this record are Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Jennifer Batten, Billy Sheehan and Rick Fierbracci

"Bossa Dorado"- The music soundz exactly as the name suggests. U know, the type of music that impels U to want to drink tequila and start dancing the Jarabe Tapatío (Mexican hat Dance) on the bar while your lips and teeth are tightly clenched around a Rose's thorny stem and Mexicanos are in the corner playing their mariachi guitars.. Yeeeee Haaaaa !!!

"Dinky Pinky" - Well here is another mind twisting extravaganza. Dave must have at least ten fingers on one fret hand... No kiddin' either !!! The awesome infamous Bassist Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, David Lee Roth, Steve Via) plays on this one too. Extreme Beauty here...

Martone lately has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine and also in Guitar One Magazine as one of the top 4 underground shredders in North America. Dave was also credited on the latest Joe Satriani album Super Colossal.

Song Titles:

1. The Goodie Squeegie Song

2. Nail Grinder

3. Bossa Dorado

4. Dinky Pinky

5. Coming Clean

6. Hard Wired

7. If I Was a Piano

8. Moron Face

9. Turn on the Heater

10. Angel Fish

11. Fading Into Change

Parting Shot: The rest of these polyphony compositions follows suite as with the first part of this dazzling CD. Other notables are "Moron Face" w/ Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck) and definitely let's not forget Greg Howe's solo on "Hand Wired"... Wow !!! Is all I can say there... So yeah... If U like all the aforemention recording artist, then I know this CD will get U off too...

Author:Scott Thomas

Stars: Over all I give this CD a 4.5 out of 5 stars.