Marra CD Review

Marra CD Review

Greg Marra simply called "Marra"

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“Music is the wine which inspires one to new generative processes, and it is I who presses out this glorious wine for mankind and makes them spiritually drunken. And I'm here to prove it once again.”

I'm sitting hear anxiously listening to every note and vocal nuance on this innovative and awe-inspiring new rock album by Greg Marra simply called "Marra". I’m just totally floored by the songwriting and the blazing fretwork on this solid production. The word “refreshing” keeps coming to mind as I intuitively listen. Lead Vocalist Andrew Freeman's (The Offspring, Lynch Mob, and Hurricane) singing-style is very dynamic and emotive. Andrew is a staple in the L.A. Music Scene and has been creating a buzz for himself handling the singing, songwriting duties for many infamous rock bandz of the area. And together with Greg's exciting monster rock guitar playing, you have an explosive combination.

As the music moves along nicely, you begin to realize there is a vast amount of catchy innovative melodic arrangements that have been created here. Good hard rock music is making a comeback and I'm excited to know that there is still hope for mankind. Greg Marra proudly carries that torch forward w/ the help of some of the finest musicians in the biz. Oh yea... By the way, Maestro Marra writes all the music and lyrics on this fine music production.

I have to tell you, I've been following Greg for several yearz now and have done music reviews for two of his earlier releases and this outing definitely clearz the bar and then some once again. And, I am proud to be doing this review for him. I have personally watched him grow as a musician and guitar player. This Kat has got the goodz all the way around. That comes from years of practicing, recording, teaching, and gigs. And the hard work has paid off here…

Parting Shot: Every song on this CD is worth itz weight in gold. If you want to touch the edge of some excellent innovated guitar w/ rock radio friendly qualities then I highly recommend this CD. So let’s get "Energized" and grab your COPY Today!!!

The Marra record is now available at featuring Ray Luzier -drums (Korn, David Lee Roth), Joey Heredia - drums (Scott Henderson, Tribal Tech), Jimmy D'Anda - drums (Bulletboys), Andrew Freeman - vocals (The Offspring, Lynch Mob), Philip Bynoe - bass (Steve Vai Band), Mike Martin - guest guitar solo (Fozzy, Agent Cooper), Craig Small - guest guitar solo (9.0), Greg Marra - Guitars (US clinician, producer) well as other guests!


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