Mark Anderson Back from the EDGE

Mark Anderson "Back from the EDGE" by Scott Thomas

Date: 2011

Artist Name: Mark Anderson

Genre: Alternative / Blues / Rock

Title: "Back from the EDGE"

Record Company: Self Titled

I’ve been sit’n on this CD for some time now and have listened to it at least a half a dozen times on the ol’ cd player… I’ve been wanting to write a review for it, but I’ve been slammed w/ work and have had a hard time making time. So, I’m now back from the edge, and stronger then before as the title track laments… And here I sit writing away…

The music on this production has a late 70’s, early 80’s feel to it. However, there are many different styles of music here. From big band blues like w/ “Cat House Blues” to the hot rocker “The Truth Is”. I like the lyrical writing on this well produced album too. Mark has a way with words that he weaves within his music to create blanket of solidarity within each song. The singer-song writer worked with producer/guitarist Robert Boykin, Bob Birch, Jimmy Z, Jimmy Earl, Lee Thornburg, Bernie Dressel, Joel Taylor, and Mark Jordan to help him bring his underground music to the light of day.

Another tune I think is the catchy “Sign of the Times”... The lyrics are of personal reflection. However, I would like to take it one step closer to today’s political and economic climate and issues that are going on this country now. Another ditty that I like is “Fast Moving Train” and fast moving it is. And one of my favorite is “Lonely Women”. “I’ll be with You” is another one I like allot too and the musicianship is flawless. Like I said, this album has many different flavorz for your musical palette.

"I highly recommend this CD for those who were top 40 listeners of the late 70’s. I know these songs will give you sweet memories of yesteryear and good vibes of today."