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The Solo from Chain Bridge’s Push- Let’s go to guitar school!  By Harry Orlov

        Sometimes cockiness is just plain cool.  Someone’s got the chops, they know they’re awesome, and they have no problem daring the world to prove them wrong.  Rapper and multi-instrumentalist BK Blaine (Blaine Kaltman)  does this in the Chain Bridge track “Push”- bragging about his notoriety in guitar circles, telling the audience “I’m known as The Shred Master General” (he is) and then proving why with a devastating guitar solo that can melt anyone’s face off.  It’s almost unheard of to mix shred guitar and hip-hop but Kaltman is not one to shy from originality, and that’s especially true when it comes to his guitar licks.  The solo in “Push” is no exception and showcases several of Kaltman’s favorite techniques.  Fortunately, they are exhibited individually in each phase of the solo making it possible to break each technique down and master it before conquering the challenge of putting it all together- and at the proper speed!



The first phase uses a shape which employs the index, middle, and pinky finger.  You will go from the 16th fret to the 12th to open on the high E string then the 13th to the 12th to open. This pattern is repeated six times and is one of Kaltman’s “go to” shapes in several of his solos.  The challenge is playing it at the incredible speed he does.  The trick is simply practicing it slowly at first and slowly ramping up the speed. Phase one ends with another of Kaltman’s signature moves- a jump all the way up the fret board to the absolute highest note on the guitar- the octave E.  It is unclear if Kaltman is using a 24 fret guitar and simply hitting the note or if he is using a 22 fret guitar, in which case he is leaping to the high D and bending it into an E.  (I teach the second version in the video). The note has a fair amount of vibrato so regardless of how you play it, you will want to bend that string after plucking it.  The challenge here, of course, is accurately getting to that high note- there is a lot of ground to cover.  Although get use to it because there is even more ground to cover to transition into phase two of the solo.

 Here we descend- very quickly- from the highest point on the neck to the 5th fret on the B string.  We perform a 5, 3, 0 pull off pattern rotating back and forth from the B and E (2nd and 1st) strings.  This phase ends with a harmonic- played by lightly touching the 5th fret on the G string and using your tremolo bar to divebomb the note and then bring it back up to where you started. 

                Finally, we return to the high E string and end with a tapping phase in which you tap individual notes with your right hand while pulling off with your left.  There are some big stretches here- follow the tab and take it slow.  When you finish the tapping pattern, rub your hand on the strings to generate some noise and then drop out and rest while the bass line carries us back into the song.  You’ve earned it!   And just like BK, upon finishing the solo you can look at the amazed faces of your audience and say “Now that I’ve taken you to guitar school…”

Learn this solo and then take your friends to school.  Sometimes cocky is just plain cool. 

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