“GOODBYE DARKNESS HELLO LIGHT” will make you believe that rock n' roll is alive and well!  Apart from Lovempire’s powerhouse vocal presence, the skilled guitar work, and dirty rock edge make them a band that will appeal to new and old rock fans alike. Lovempire don’t thrive on glitz or glam, just primal, hard-hitting rock music that listeners are certain to find exhilarating." ~ TunedLoud!   


LOVEMPIRE Interview: 

Scott - Hi Morgan. Thanks for agreeing to doing a short-written interview w/ me and my readers. There must be a story behind the name of your band "Lovempire"...?

Morgan - I thought, wouldn't it be nice if we were all living in a Lovempire? 

Scott - Here is a three-part question... Where is your music scene, gives us a name for your style of music and who are your influences?

Morgan - I think I'm very influenced by grunge but I also hear garage, hard rock, the blues, emo, punk and pop in what I write too.  I like all kinds of band music. Specific influences are so many!  Across a lot of different mediums and, David Lynch, Powell & Pressburger, writers, Scott Fitzgerald, Lana del Ray, the early punk rockers, Led Zeppelin, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, personalities like David Bowie, Prince, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, in art, Georgia O'Keeffe, Leonora Carrington, dance, Martha Graham, Bangarra and I'm sure I'll keep discovering more work that moves me.  

Also influenced by LIFE, experiences that I've had and words that come out of me that I have no idea about what it's about and knowing that it's all valid because ultimately we are all having similar experiences. 

Scott - How has your style of playing, singing and songwriting evolved over the years?

Morgan - My relationship to music is always changing, just recently I've been writing songs that are really brutally honest, like the country saying 'three chords and the truth', less cryptic and just the plain truth which is a courageous way to write I think, basically reading the world your private diary, all your deep secrets but I think it's really valid because if someone else can feel like they're not alone going through something... there is strength in that. 

Scott - What type of guitars do you play and why?

Morgan - I'm currently enjoying playing my Gibson SG because it's new, it's nice to get to know a new instrument and watch what comes forth from it. 

"The sound harkens back to the classic pre-punk 1970's, CBGB are New York City sound of bands like The Stooges, The Runaways and early Blondie. It is the sound of rattling guitars, rough pounding rhythms and an earnest, confessional singer." ~ StaticDive

Scott - What type of amps and effects are you using playing live compared to the studio?

Morgan - I'm pretty basic with effects just reverb, distortion really and because I'm in a mobile studio at the moment writing I'm enjoying the Spark Amp, it's so small and light but sounds great and live I use a Vox AC30

Scott - What are LovEmpire's goals for 2021?

Morgan - Lots of writing and hopefully soon playing live! 


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