John Zito Baptism Under Fire

Hello peeps... It has been awhile since I have written a music review. I have been very busy as of late promoting great music for my Guitarz Forever Music Mktg. & Promotions and just haven't had much time for much else. However, I kept seeing my facebook friend John Zito's new album "Baptism Under Fire” announcements in my daily facebook feed and just had to reach out to him to send me the new music for review.

John Zito's slide and dobro guitars give the band its unique sound, with the virtuosity of Jimi Hendrix, the soul of Johnny Winter and the raw energy of the Sex Pistols...

The first song "Baptism Under Fire" is a sonically heavy tune that has this hypnotic, eerily sinister groove that takes you deep into the dark inferno skies of Hades and there is an ominous undertone in his words of agony and affliction. The music is moving with everlasting fire!

John and his band have played locally and internationally, and have hosted local Blues and Rock Nights. Currently they have a residence at Count’s Vamp’d called John Zito Electric Jam every Wednesday. The band has performed several times at the House of Blues, Hard Rock Hotel, Southpoint Hotel, Las Vegas Bikefest, charity events and festivals.

The next tune "Long Haul Blues" is a ZZ Top type romp that is perfect beer drinking, toe tapping and just plain ol' fun music. The percussions and guitars will have you 'rollin' and tumbin' down Route 66 in good fashion.

Joe Brown, of the Las Vegas Sun, refers to Zito as "A Las Vegas blues and rock hero". John Zito Band is also featured in a 3 page article in Guitar Club Magazine from Milan, Italy written by Maurizio DePaola: "The blues as their philosophy of life, Jimi Hendrix as a source of inspiration and the guitar as a means to express the soul: this is John Zito Band“.

John slows things down with the reflective Hendrixy style  "The Chain". The songwriting and melody is wide and deep. You can feel Zito's heartfelt lyrics and I really dig the fly vocals and vocal harmonies as well. There is allot of soul here... The middle section really gets going with the percussive guitar jam. And Yes, Hendrix lives!!!

Ok now... Raise your fist to John's anthem for the hard hit'n "Supersonic" come'n at cha! Hold on to your hats. Yeah, this track is very tight and slick. Kick ass beats, sexy guitars and nitty-gritty vocals. This rocker is definitely a keeper.

John Zito was self taught at the age of 11 and has played and recorded with members of Guns and Roses, Pat Travers and The Ramones. In the tradition of Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, with a raw feel of Robin Trower. John Zito’s gritty vocals, along with slide and dobro guitars give him his unique sound. Zito had his song “Rain” featured in the 9-11 documentary “Ride On Brother” with the proceeds going to the families of 9-11 victims.

John pulls a rabbit out of his hat with his spot on rendition of the Rolling Stones' song "Happy". The spirit of yesteryear is all over this track.

And what a great way to end this entertaining EP with his delightful guitar instrumental and gentle tune "11:11"... Great Job Brutha !!!

Overview: If you like good music with hot guitars, solid beats, great hooks and plenty of sass, then grab your copy today of John Zito’s “Baptism Under Fire”.

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