Jay Gordon Blues Venom No Cure

Jay Gordon's "Blues Venom No Cure" CD Review By Scott Thomas

Did someone say Elmore James ? The first tune "Dockery's Plantation" has mojo dust all over it. Wow !!! I must say... I think we've got us a live-wire here. Can I get a witness over here yonder? I mean !!! Jay is on fire vocally and guitar-wise too. His vocals have got that sound reminescent of ala Gregg Allan and other like great blues kat legends. And yes, this is 101% pure electric blues. Ya know, like that Kentucky bourbon Wild Turkey 101 proof. Or, for those that are true bourbon drinkers out there, weez likes to calls it "The Dirty Bird" or "Gobble Gobble". And let's not forget "The Kickin’ Chicken"... Yeah, Yawl know who you bourbon sipperz are out there in Bluesville. And Kick'n the Chicken 'round the hen house is what this fine Blues CD does...

Jay Gordon covers allot of delta here. His soulful spirit shines through in each song. Jay captures the essence of the Delta Blues that have made others a legend. This musical outing delivers in spades hands down. The songs on "Blues Venom" are raw, loud, proud and full of road house raucous. The song "World Blues" is so combustible that its guaranteed to start a bar fight every time played. And there's the tune "Blues Venom" with the Stevie Ray vibe and the James Cotton-type harp playing. Oh yeah baby ... Take me to levee ... Where's the bridge ? As the CD progresses, I begin to realize just how much I'm really enjoying the overall mix... The music sounds live and in your face in a good way... And man, I can feel those amps pushing air with some awesome blues licks and tone. This has early Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton all over it... Hard Driving Blues !!!

Song List:

1. Dockery's Plantation

2. World Blues

3. Blues Venom

4. Red Hot Tempered Woman

5. Mister Max

6. Kickin Blues Ass

7. Winds Of Thor

8. Voodoo Boogie

9. King Bee

10. Slow Burn Biker Mama

Bonus Tracks:

11. Rock Me

12. That Was Yesterday

13. Wiskey Women And Fast Cars

There are 10 feisty down and dirty songs on this CD "Blues Venom - No Cure" to include 3 killer bonus tracks. I think I've pretty much given you the flavor of this CD. So if you like hoppin' straight ahead barrel house, kick'n blues ass music, then here ya go. It doesn't get much better then this.