CD Review by Scott Thomas

Well, well, well... What do we have here? I just received Jon Gomm's New CD "Secrets Nobody Keeps". Before I even open the jewel case, I like the intriguing album title and the brightly colored art work.

Jon Gomm is an English singer-songwriter and performer. Using a single acoustic guitar to create drum sounds, bass lines and melodies simultaneously, his songs draw on a range of influences and styles including blues, soul, and rock.

The first tune frolicking in my ears is a melancholy tune called "Telepathy". The music is blue in nature and heartfelt. Jon's somber lyrics and velvety vocals are perfect for this type of soulful acoustic music. It's hard to believe that all the percussions on this song are done by him with the various sounding timbered beats he creates on his acoustic guitar while he plays his fluid chordal movements throughout the song. Yes, very smooth indeed.

The next song is an intricately played and enticing unique rendition of Grammy Award-winning Chaka Khan’s song "Ain't Nobody". The way Jon arranges this instrumental on his guitar is amazing to say the least. The sounds of his ringing strings just makes the molecules in space dance with vibrancy. You can’t but help get a smile across your face while your head bobs and foot taps to this addicting groove.

“There's No Need to Be Afraid” is a melodious adventure that is poetic in nature. The music carries you along like a radiantly tinted falling leave gently twisting and twirling on a stream of autumn air. The tune is sprinkled with Natasha Koczy's echoing sax throughout the mix just in the right places with a reassuring rhapsodic message. And this is absolutely one beautiful piece of music.

As we move nicely into the next reminiscent piece, "WuKan Motorcycle Kid". The track is very mellow and thought provoking of days gone by. Master Gomm knows how to let the music breath and of course his acoustic guitar playing is extraordinary.

Propelling into another mid-summer's daydream we have the sounds of the island-esque vibe of a muse called "Deep Cut". Wow, what a melodic palette of dizzying patterns and tribal beats that this kat can lay down on his guitar all the while adding brilliant hues of extraordinary crisp sounding rhythms with no boundaries. The vocal harmonies with Natasha Koczy lament "Let the rhythm guide you"... And the music does just that...


"Orville (The Secret of Learning to Fly Is Forgetting to Hit the Ground)" is another incredible virtuoso guitar masterpiece. Talk about finger style guitar playing at its best. Gomm’s use of harmonics is dazzling and his acoustic string bending wizardry is out of this world. Just phenomenal!!!

The next cool extravaganza is "Passion Flower". Another finely honed tune with excellent tones, appreciated nuances, wonderfully sung emotive lyrics with sheer musical brilliance. Once again, another amazing performance showcasing Jon's creative pyrotechnics on his acoustic guitar.

"Message in A Bottle"... Here we have another cover originally written by the Police and of course the maestro puts his own unique twist on this righteously done track as he sincerely encapsulates these inspirational vibrations.

Now on deck, we have another fine appreciation called "Dance of the Last Rhino”. This instrumental will capture the eyes of one's imagination, as well as their heart. A warm fuzzy feeling is drawn over the listener, bringing them into a calm phase of emotion with this pleasing footprint.

And last but not least we have "Everything"... A joyous, spirited tune that is hypnotic and just puts you in a trance you don't want to ever leave.  

Overall, this is an album full of extremely beautiful delicate ethereal music with finely honed technical ability coupled with interesting tunes and beats which makes for a superb album. Jon Gomm is a great guitarist with excellent tones, exciting compositions and arrangements, and finally, a celestial production of the highest order...

Parting shot across the bow, highly recommended if you like jazz to rock and pop music from great recording artists in the stylings of Dave Matthews, John Mayor, Acoustic Alchemy, Michael Hedges, and Al Di Meola.

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