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Hi music loverz... I'm at it once again sitting here listening to some mind blowin' geetar pickin' from the one and only and very talented Johnny Hiland.

If you are into alt-country music and virtuoso guitar playing, then this New Album "All Fired Up" will have you looking for those ol' cowboy boots for a nite out at your nearest dancehall. So get those puppies polished up and ready because after a listen to this "jaw dropping" CD which is rooted firmly in country music with a rock and roll edge, will have you chompin' at the bit to get out of the house and on that sawdust-ridden wooden dance floor. Hiland's mastery of the electric guitar puts him in exceptional company that includes only a handful of brilliant players who combine taste, touch and tone in such a way that they both define and break open the boundaries of his genre. Ricky Skaggs commented on Johnny, "I think Johnny Hiland is the most versatile guitar player I've ever heard. From Bill Monroe to Eddie Van Halen, he can play it all."

This New outing from Johnny is chocked full of great songwriting in the styles of traditional country, western swing, rock and blues, with tasty guitfiddle playing by means of inviting vocals, country style licks, steel guitar-type accompaniments, and smoking chops!

I highly recommend this uncompromising and well-rounded music for you and your urban cowboy friendz.

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All Fired Up by Johnny Hiland via @ iTunes

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