How Learning The Guitar Can Keep You Centered At Work

How Learning The Guitar Can Keep You Centered At Work by Thomas McGregor

Whether you are working for a company or running your own, the business person that wins the day has a competitive edge. The ultimate competitive edge is someone with poise. Keeping calm and centered in today’s fast-paced business environment is key to your success and lifelong prosperity. Keeping this calm is a skill to be developed. Most skills can cause stress in their development, except for one.

Would you believe that many people don’t find the time to learn new skills, even if they know that the possibility of gaining a raise in pay could be a direct result of new skill building? The truth is those that learn and develop new skills start to earn more and have a greater influence with key decision makers at their job. If you run your own business, the development of new skills will have a direct impact on the customers that you interact with. This equals more repeat customers, a higher customer moral, and the building of a newer customer base.Why don't more people set out to develop more skills if they know that new skills equate to a higher standard of living? One of several reasons is because building new skills isn’t always fun.

Playing the guitar will change that.

Here are 6 benefits to learning to play a musical instrument:

1. Increase confidence
2. Strengthening both hemispheres of the brain
3. Increased left/right hand dexterity
4. Developed concentration
5. Broadened self-awareness
6. A larger sense of community and team building through group music sessions

So much of skill building can directly revolve around our work and tasks associated with requirements set by our boss. This can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety around a new skill and eventually turn us off to learning at all. What this does is sets up up to associate with building skills as a negative. We see them as hard things to accomplish that don’t produce immediate results. So we don’t try to attempt a new skill after only failing a few times. Playing the guitar, however, is actually stress reducing.

According to a study from the University of Utah’s Pain Research Center, listening to music—in this case, your own guitar playing—can take your mind off stressful situations and thoughts, and thereby reduce, pain - even lowering your heart rate to a calmer level.

A study in Scotland concluded that if you play the guitar—or any instrument—you’re more likely to have sharper brain function, which can help guard against future mental decline.

In in this study you will find that whether you are your own boss or you have a boss that is stressing you out, playing some tunes on your guitar can keep you centered and focused:

A dual study from the Mind-Body Wellness Center and Loma Linda University School of Medicine and Applied Biosystems found that stress can be reduced on a genomic level by playing an instrument. Learning new songs and playing them regularly reverses your body’s response system to pressure and stressful situations.  

Playing the guitar can be life changing. Learning a musical instrument can open you to knew discoveries in music that become your new favorites. You start to know your favorite musicians better. You start to be more relaxed at work. You even enjoy an evening pastime of playing new songs for friends and family after work.

Playing the guitar is centering. Playing the guitar is creative. Playing the guitar is that competitive edge that cultivate and develops your creative and stress-reducing sensibilities, allowing for new ideas to flow freely in an otherwise stressful environment.

Just as Berthold Auerbach said, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Playing the guitar is your gateway to a more prosperous life by cultivating a skill in a low-stress way, while also giving you a competitive edge.

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