Headroom Radio Cries

Headroom "Radio Cries" CD Review by Scott Thomas

"It's that kind of kick ass move the f__k out of the way attitude that's gonna take these guys exactly where they want to go. Very few bands have their kind of motivation, talent, and work ethic. Headroom is the cream... and the cream always rises to the top!"

- Al Bowman, LA Music Awards - Founder

Well now, I'm sitting here listening to Headroom's NEW Album "Radio Cries" and I must say that I'm thoroughly impressed. There is something about their music that sound new and fresh but fondly familiar. The music is electric and curiously inviting with killer hooks and dynamic hard rock arrangements. The musicianship is cohesively tight and mind-expanding. I also noticed that each song has far reaching melody lines and kool alt-rock arrangement too. The music flows nicely from one song to the next.

The Band

Travis Boltz - lead vocals, arrangement, lyrics, percussion

Dan Buitron - guitar, vocals, musical arrangement

Derek Axman - bass, music arrangement, vocals

Gavin Washburn - drums, percussion and programming

All music and arrangements written by: Headroom

Even though Headroom have their own unique sound, they also draw from and embrace many of today's popular rock bands making them an undeniable force to be reckoned with.

Song List

1. Welcome to Turtlewoods

2. Already Over

3. Unresolved

4. Be

5. Do I or Don't I

6. No Wasted Time (Instrumental)

7. Drive Punk

8. Rocky Mountain Pony Ride In the Sky (The Ballad of Johnny Blaze)

9. Like a Thief

10. Bad Money

11. Joe's Bread

12. Radio Cries

I highly recommend this CD if you like Stone Temple Pilots, Creed, and Wolfmother, then I know you will totally groove on this delicious musical outing.