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Guitarz Forever Press Release
August 12, 2008
Hey Guitar Fans

Hey wuz up? I found THIS VIDEO of the Legendary Guitarist jamming’ out with Dave Navarro on Dave’s own TV SHOW… The Maestro Lynch shows the inquisitive Dave (Janes’ Addiction) Navarro on how to play the guitar-wizardry chops of his intro to the infamous guitar-instrumental Mr. Scary.

GEORGE LYNCH's Guitar Dojo Is an Overwhelming Success - Aug. 11th 2008. After a years in development, and months of anticipation, students will be seeing new lessons and videos from George Lynch's revolutionary online guitar-training Dojo.

Within an hour of its launch back in '06, the site was flooded with positive reviews from students who felt that the Dojo not only met their expectations, but also far exceed them.

Designed for a limited number of serious guitarists at intermediate and advanced levels, the online platform allows students to study exclusively with Lynch through the power of the Internet. Offered in semester programs that model the college semester system, and inspired by the set-up of a karate studio, the web-based application presents video, audio, and tablature featuring elements never revealed by Lynch in any interview, instructional DVD, or publication. Additionally, Lynch welcomes discussions and feedback, and offers critiques of students' compositions.

Arguably one of Lynch's most ambitious ventures to date, the Dojo is indeed a labor of love for the prolific heavy metal guitarist who envisioned the online training Dojo as a way to reach out to the many fans who requested advice and lessons from him. In months to come, George hopes to continue to provide impressive content to the site and offer lessons that will help to inspire the students who subscribe to his guitar Dojo. See what others are saying:

“i seriously need to get in on this shit. ive been playing for like a decade and a half and geore is definitly 1 of my inspirations. hes got a lot to show us and having viewed his other works he really knows how to present it in an understandable fashion.” Dojo "Rocks!" - GuitarKickAss (

"George has outdone himself. We are having a blast and my playing is improving daily!" The dojo rocks\m/ - DojoStudent73

If you are interested in joining the Dojo to work directly under Sensei Lynch, pre-enroll today by sending an e-mail to The Sensei will be responding to each e-mail received.

Lynch recently completed the Rocklahoma Festival with his band Lynch Mob that includes lead vocalist Oni Logan, and bassists Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, John Sykes w/Blue Murder, and Thin Lizzy). And, will be comin' out with his New Band "Souls of We" and their new album "Let the Truth be Known" w/London LeGrande as vocalist and an all-star studded cast of players.

George Lynch Guitar Lessons on Dave Navarro's Spread TV

Click Here to Watch!

Check out George's new band Souls of We on MySpace:

Souls of We



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