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Guitarz Forever Press Release
March 05, 2009
Hey Guitar Fans

Mar 5, 2009, Video Shoots and Studio Gigs

Video Shoots and Studio Gigs

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Marketing Mind Check

Before launching into the market plan, and just in case the above list doesn’t fully resonate with where you are curently, here are some key questions to ask yourself at this important juncture:

___ Have you analyzed the total market for your product or service (that is, your primary, secondary and referral markets)? Do you know which features of your product or service will appeal to different market segments?

___ In forming your marketing message, have you fully described how your product or service will benefit your customers?

___ Have you prepared a pricing schedule? What kinds of discounts do you offer, and to whom do you offer them?

___ Have you decided which media you will use in your marketing campaign?

___ What will the role of the internet be in your marketing?

___ Have you planned any special sales promotions?

___ Do your marketing materials mention any optional accessories or added services that consumers might want to purchase?

___ What type of customer service or support do you offer after the sale?

___ Have you obtained all necessary paperwork and metadata (if applicable) you need?

___ Is your packaging likely to appeal to your target market? Have you created different packaging for different markets?

___ If your product is one you can patent, have you done so?

___ How will you distribute your product?

___ Can your product or service be digitized, and what kinds of new challenges does this present?

___ Have you prepared job descriptions and operaton plans for all of the employees, contractors and interns needed to carry out your marketing plans?

Once you’ve answered the above to your satisfaction, you can feel free to move on to writing your plan.

First, some cautions about plans:

• Plans are provisional documents and not the final word – they are always in “draft” form. Plans are maps to help get you to your destination in the most costeffective way possible. Maps, however, are not the territory; therefore,

• Plans should be flexible so they can adapt to shifting circumstances – ongoing plan review is normal and crucial to undertake at least once every two weeks normally, and every day during a campaign.

Hello all my long lost patrons... I have been so busy w/ my new marketing and promotion company that I reluctantly had to let Guitarz go by the wayside for awhile...

I'm now working w/ all these artists now...

Legendary Guitarist George Lynch

Lynch Mob w/ Oni Logan

The Souls of We w/ London LaGrande

Strat King Carl Verheyen

Award Winning Recording Artist & Boosweet Record Label Owner Vernon Neilly

Shrapnel Record Label Owner Mike Varney

Blues and Beyond Recording Artist JP Cervoni

Tran Siberian Orchastra's Guitrist Mike Campese

Fusion Ace Prashant Aswani

Progressive Rock Guitar Instrumentalists Rob Mets

Austin Tejas' Singer / Songwriter Daniel Moore

Shred King Tim Gibson

And Lastly, - Contributing Writer and Marketing Manager...

So, as you see... I think I've got all my bases covered. I keep growing everyday in leaps and bounds too. I have to say, since I quit my day job almost a year ago, I am so empowered with my mind set, life and everything else. Working for myself and from home has been my dream for so long and I've finally did it. I have not work a regular job in almost a year and I'm just about were I was financially a year ago going on my own. And, I did it when the economy is going to hell in a hand basket.

I will be back at it w/ Guitarz in full force this year. I will be concentration on the navigation and bringing you more inside to the promotion and marketing aspects of the music business. One thing that is the key to all of this and there is no magic wand... It's hard work, dedication, and consistency and I promise you that you can start building your own Ark in these flooding and perilous economic times...

So... I'm back to start writing you more frequently w/ some pretty kool stuff.

Keep on Rockin' the Masses,


George Lynch at the Zoom booth at Winter NAMM 2009

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