Guitarist  Roascio Interview

Marcelo Roascio is an Argentine musician. He is a guitarist and pioneer in publishing books with audio instruction for electric guitar in his country. It has more than fifteen titles published, which have an average annual sales two thousand copies. Its material is distributed in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay through the signing Melos (ex Ricordi).

"In the right place" - "Give and take" - "Maniac" - "As two"
Excerpts of songs from ROASCIO RCM 2014 CD: "In the right place"
Boosweet Records

Guitarist  Roascio Interview
Guitarz Forever - Hi Marcelo, Hey man.... Thank you so much for taking the time out to do an interview w/me and my Guitarz site. Give our readers a short but descriptive label for your style of music.
Marcelo - Thank you -gracias- Scott for this interview, and for the opportunity to share my music with the community. About your question, it’s always difficult for a musician to label his own music, but I think the best way to describe it would be “instrumental classic-rock” guitar music.

Guitarz Forever - What's going on in your music world these days? Any new News we should know about?

Marcelo - I’ve been very lucky, because I did several gigs in big venues with some big rock acts here in Buenos Aires during the past months. Also, I had the chance to play with Steve Rothery from “Marillion” and with a spanish guitar player and producer called David Palau, who’s really well known in Spain.

Guitarz Forever - Introduce yourself and where is your stomp'n ground

Marcelo - I’m a guitar player, educator, producer and songwriter. As a guitar player, I lead my own instrumental rock group “roascio RCM”. As an educator, by the end of the 90’s I pioneered instructional guitar books with audio in Argentina. I have edited 18 of them, which sell all over the country, Chile and Uruguay. I’m also a clinician for several international music brands. Over the years I’ve worked with Tosin Abasi, Stuart Hamm, Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Marty Friedman, Marc Cooper (Coop DeVille), Gregg Bissonette, Steve Lynch (Autograph) and Steve Morse among others.

As a columnist, he joined the staff of the magazine "The Musiquero" ('87 to '92), "The Screen" ('91 to '99), "Musicians" ('92 to '94), and the supplement "The rocker "('97) included in the National Rock CD collection of the magazine" News ". He collaborated in the Spanish journal "Current Guitar" (2005 to 2007), he led the Argentina magazine "" (2006 to 2009), and makes a consultancy in Latin America's most visited website: http: //www.guitarraonline. It Since June 2009, is the editor responsible for "To Play" songbooks of Melos (ex Ricordi) publisher. Since 2010, Roascio begins to direct the magazine "All Guitar and Bass", sold in kiosks Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, with partners such as Don Vilanova, Ricardo Pellican, Daniel Telis, Vernon Neilly, Carina Alfie, Rinaldo Rafanelli, Bill Hudson and Ash Zeballos, among others.

Guitarz Forever - Are you a schooled guitar player or a self-taught guitar player?

Marcelo - Mostly self-taught. I always tell my students that I never had the patience they have to study with a proper guitar teacher (ha, ha, ha…). No, seriously. In my time, they were not that many guitar teachers in Buenos Aires, the city I’m from, who taught rock guitar. That’s one of the reasons I wrote my guitar books.

Guitarz Forever - So, what type of guitars do you play and why?
Marcelo - I usually play guitars with humbucking pickups, because I like a sound with “meat” and “balls”. I don’t like thinner sounds, and less for rock music. For the past couple of years I’ve been playing Fernandes Ravelle guitars from Japan with Seymour Duncan or EMG pickups. But starting 2015, I switched for the Ernie Ball/Music Man family. So right now I’m using their Luke III guitar and sometimes the Sterling by Music Man version LK100D, both with DiMarzio Transition pickups.

Guitarz Forever - What type of amps do you use? Do you use different amps for the studio vs live shows. If so, why?

Marcelo - I like tube amps. For recording, I have in my home studio a ’79 MKII Mesa/Boogie among other amps, which sounds great for recording at low volumes. I can also record with some amp simulation software like GuitarRig or AmpliTube. For live shows, I always carry my Hiwatt Hi-Gain 50 because it sounds really well in every situation, would it be on a large venue or in a small club.

Guitarz Forever - Do you have any endorsement with instrument and gear companies?

Marcelo - Yes. I’m very lucky to be part of the Ernie Ball family, proudly using their strings and Music Man guitars. I’m also endorsed by Hiwatt amps from UK (…I performed at their NAMM booth in 2014 with Elliott Randall from Steely Dan), Morley, Kirlin Cables, Joyo pedals, and by a local strap company called Antitodo.

Throughout his career, Roascio has participated in several projects: in '93 he was part of the band of American guitarist Steve Lynch (Autograph); during 1999 integrates "Guitars Night" with Edelmiro Molinari (Almond, Human Color), Eduardo Rogatti (Baglietto, León Gieco) and Rodolfo Garcia (Almendra, Aquelarre); in 2001 plays with guitarist / demonstrator Marc "Coop" Cooper and share the stage with the Texan bluesman Tony Sarno and integrate you zapadas with Machy Madco (bassist Pappo's Blues), Ricardo Soulé (Vox Dei), Juanse (Mice Parade ), Gariel Carámbula (ex Fito Paez), Wire González (Divided), Gabriel Jolivet (Redonditos Ricotta, El Soldado), etc.

Guitarz Forever - How did you first get into the music business?

Marcelo - After finishing high school I started to work in a local music store, where I not only met several well known local musicians, but also many instrument and amp manufacturers. So from the beginning, I was on both sides of the desk. Later on, I started to write for a music magazine doing solo transcriptions and reviewing music equipment, besides playing with different rock bands and doing professional gigs. In the meantime, I started to write and edit guitar instruction books. A few years later, I was offered a position as editor for a music magazine called “Musicos” (’92 to ‘94), then for “Music Shop” magazine (’96 to ‘2001), and since 2010, I’m editor in chief for “Todo Guitarra y Bajo” magazine. So my musical life always journeyed thru several roads.

Guitarz Forever - Where do you see the music business today?

Marcelo - Is there a music business today? Ha, ha, ha… Seriously, It’s really difficult to survive in the music business of the XXI Century for an independent musician. Fortunately, people still like to buy physical records in Latin America besides downloading free music from the Internet. We still have record stores!! Here in Argentina, you can sign with a company for distributing your records locally, besides selling them at your shows. But the actual manufacturing costs have to come out first of your pocket. So it’s not easy, but it forces you to come up with different ways to promote your music. Anyway, most of the independent musician revenues or profits come from live playing.

In 2007 he joined Carina Alfie, Daniel Telis and Diego Mizrahi for the G3 style show called "Guitar Show", which took place at the ND Ateneo theater in Buenos Aires. This event was repeated with the same success in 2008. That same year, he joined the accompanying bassist Stuart Hamm (Satriani, Vai, Gambale, etc.) in the Hartke Clinic Tour de Buenos Aires band. In 2010, together with Carina Alfie, guitarist Vernon Neilly and Bill Hudson of USA, performed a show called "Guitars On The Rocks" at the Teatro Santa Maria, from Capital Federal. In 2010, Warner Chappell and co-produces Jamesound SA, with bassist Brad Actis, the CD "The Power of Low is Gallien Krueger", with the participation of the bears Alejandro Medina, Willy Quiroga, Daniel Maza, Vitico, Gustavo Zavala ( Crazy Train), Beto Ceriotti (Almafuerte), Nahuel Antuña (Voodoo) and Edgardo Palotta (Javier Marinez / Manal).

Guitarz Forever - Do you do social networking? If so, what are your facebook and twitter web addresses?

Marcelo - You have to do social networking as a way to let people know about your work. For example, I recently did a contest on Facebook asking people about which one of my songs should be on a video. Between all of the people who voted I gave away my new CD with one of my guitar books and a pack of Ernie Ball strings. And it was a hit!! You can find me on Facebook as MarceloRoascio or MarceloRoascioII or MarceloRoascioMusica. Also, you can hear my music on, or watch videos on

Guitarz Forever - Who have been your main influences on your career to date?

Marcelo - Uhhh… so many. Early on, local guitar players like Pappo, who played at Madison Square Garden with B.B. King. Also people like Santana, Gary Moore, Eric Clapton and Johnny Winter, for example. Later on, I discovered Jeff Beck with his records “Blow by Blow and “Wired”. I think they paved the way for the instrumental guitar music of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. I like to think that my music, although influenced by all these great musicians, reflects my personal way of writing music.

He joined the band "Dr.Rock" with which he recorded and produced two CDs: "I already heard" (ABD) and "Still the Night" (Pattaya), the latter to Pappo, Botafogo and Luis Robinson as guests. He was also part of "gear" with Bocón Frascino (CD "My Hostility." - Wall Rds) of "Archons" Osvaldo Padrevechi (CD "The Archons." - Metropolis Rds) of "Maccioco and The Rubber" Gabriel Maccioco (former "Duo Fantasy") of "Fixed Menu," "Beggar Jonas" and "Radio City".

Guitarz Forever - How has your guitar playing evolved over the years?
Marcelo - Over the years I tend to be more melodic in my playing. My phrasing has to be more focused on one idea, and I struggle to develop these idea during a solo, for example. Don’t get me wrong. I like shredding, but at the end of the day, the thing that sticks on your head is a good melody. Right?

Guitarz Forever - What’s the best thing about playing your own music in front of a live audience?

Marcelo - The word would be “participation”. I like people to participate, clapping their hands, singing the chorus of a song, or just moving their heads to the rhythm of a riff.

Guitarz Forever - Who are you listening to these days?

Marcelo - I don’t’ find much new music that motivates me these days. I tend to gravitate more to old stuff from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s. I like mostly song structured music, not so much technical stuff. I can hear two or three songs by some shredders, and their technical abillity amazes me, but I prefer to hear a melodic line that I can relate to.

Marcelo Roascio now leads the instrumental rock group Roascio RCM, having released three CDs: "Spies" (Rigor Records.), "Two of Three" (Wensound SRL), and "All in a Day" (Ava Records / Boosweet Records) .

Currently, international endorser Roascio guitar is Fernandes (Japan), Hiwatt equipment (UK), Ernie Ball strings (USA), and Morley pedals (USA), along with belts antinode, and clinical and shows usually performed along the entire country.

"It's not so simple" - "Prima Facie" - "Roxanne" - "Who did it?"
Excerpts of songs from ROASCIO RCM 2014 CD: "In the right place"
Boosweet Records

Guitarz Forever - Please give us three top musical goals you would like to achieve this year.

Marcelo - Promote heavily my new record, continue to do clinics and shows all over Argentina, and playing at the next NAMM show for some of the brands I endorse.

Guitarz Forever - Is there anything else you’d like to achieve in your life personally and/or as a musician?

Marcelo - It’s not easy to be an independent musician in Argentina. But I feel very lucky because I’ve managed to make myself a name in the music community, being among fellow musicians or music manufacturers and distributors. That enabled me to make a living playing guitar or doing clinics or writing for magazines or doing my own instruction books. Also, I thank God for having a family who supports me and understands music life, mostly because they also are part of these crazy world: my wife is a singer and songwriter who fronts her own band, my son is a professional drummer who works with a well known local rock band, and my daughter composes and sings with her own band. We’re between the Osbournes and the Osmonds (ha, ha, ha…)

Guitarz Forever - I would like to thank you for your time and candor with our loyal readers and keep on fighting the good fight to bring us some awesome music.

Marcelo - Thank you very very much Scott for letting me share my thoughts and my music with the community. Peace and Love and good Music for everybody !! A six string salute for the guitar players of the world.


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