Guitarist JP Cervoni Interview

“JP is the only player after Jimi that kicked my ass!!” 

~ The Legendary Buddy Miles ~

Not since Jimi Hendrix passing has there been a band that can truly deliver “THAT” Hendrix sound. After seeing Hendirx Disciples perform, the “JIMI HENDRIX FOUNDATION” has chosen this band to represent Jimi’s music to the World. Hendrix Disciples have been directly involved in and were members of The Legendary Buddy Miles band.

Explosive power with that special Soul that only Jimi brought to Rock has been captured by Hendrix Disciples.

JP Cervoni: Guitar
Princeton Arnold: Vox/Bass
Duane Wider: Drums

          Guitarist JP Cervoni Interview

Scott - Hi JP, What's been up with you over the last couple years? Can you give us some kool highlights?

JP - Well…the pain never stops!…said Frank Zappa!! LOL I’ve been working on putting various projects on the map, namely the reunion of the classic rock band “The Babys”, witch i was part of until i got kicked out and, with the help of the band’s management i put together a killer trio “HendrixDisciples” (  that gives homage to Jimi Hendrix music, and another trio, “Cervoni Band” for my original music ( My HendrixDisciples trio, is the official ambassador band of the “Jimi Hendrix Foundation”, so, something to be proud of.
Scott - During the writing and recording process, is there anybody that you trust that can give you honest feedback on your musical endeavors?

JP - My manager, he’s a music lover, and knows more people/artist/songs then me!!
Scott - With the advent of Pro Tools, and it being more and more accessible to artists, it has changed the way bands record. Was the new album recorded in the traditional way or the new skool way?

JP - The old way for me is the best, but with the addition of ProTools (for mixing) once recording on analog is done.

Scott - What type of guitarz do you play?

JP - Fender Strat/LsL Topanga Les Paul Jr/G<ele/old Ibanez/Floyd Rose guitar. My Strat is beefed up with goodies: Hipshot bridge stabilizer, Seymour Duncan noiseless pu’s, Earvana nut.

Scott - What type of amps do use in the studio vs live?

JP -  I endorse MEZZABARBA amps, live i use a Mzero Overdrive head, a MEZZABARBA 4x12 stereo cab (with Heritage Celestion 25w spks), in the studio i use the Mzero head and my old 73 Marshall Super Lead head.

Scott - Where is your music scene and what clubs do you play?

JP - Every so often, i still find myself playing at The Whiskey a Go Go, then, depending on the music style, either venues like mid-size theaters and clubs that have not closed doors yet!! 
Scott - Do you have any advise for up and comers who want to play live?

JP - No matter where you find yourself playing, use the opportunity to kick ass be the best you can be, people will react to it and you will  build a fan base, not only with the fans, but with the venue, as well as making possible other connections.
Scott - Do you tour or any upcoming tours?

JP - I got a special project i just finished putting together, it has to do with Van Halen, it’s not a Tribute band, but something different, more like a show band doing Van Halen music, i’m pitching this to various booking agencies and planning to tour with it.
Scott - Nowadays with social media, YouTube and streaming service, a lot of artists deplore the fact that recorded music doesn’t sell like it used to. How do you feel about that? Has it helped or hindered you?

JP - No comment! I hate the whole thing!
Scott - Do you think that leads to an upsurge in the live music scene?

JP - What is good about it is that a video on YouTube can open doors that I like, you can use it for getting live gigs and more.

Scott - By the way, who would you say were your biggest influences when it comes to playing guitar as a kid and now today?

JP - Paul Kossoff, Rory Gallagher, Leslie West, David Gilmore, Jimi Page, then Eddie Van Halen, Scott Henderson. Not part of my style, but influential to me never the less, Frank Zappa.
Scott - Please give us three top musical goals you would like to achieve this year.

JP - On the road with my above mentioned show band project- Open some doors with a video i’m doing with my Cervoni Band-Stealing more licks from Scott Henderson!!
Scott - I also don't want to forget this... Tell us about any other things you may be in involved in or any special interest besides music that is close to your heart.

JP - I’ve been thinking often of getting involved with solders that come back from the war in the middle-east, lots of them are rock fans, teaching them guitar/performing for them…i appreciate very much what they do.
Scott - After all that discussion about music and the industry, what’s the meaning of life?

JP - Life for me is: 1 playing with my dog every day 2 Turning on my super analog stereo (MacIntosh-Marantz-JBL) and filling my soul with good music 3 Eat some good Italian food 4 Hang with my girlfriend of 24 years in my backyard, feeling lucky that i can still play my guitar and kick ass!! Life is too short to worry about a lot of shit you think is important but it’s not…Find what you like, stick with it, enjoy the ride and…. relax!!!
Scott - I would like to thank you for your time and candor with our loyal readers and keep on fighting the good fight to bring us some awesome music.


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